Live Marketing Coaching From Charlie Cook for Small Business Owners and Professional Marketers

Would you like me to let you in on some small business marketing secrets that can make you a lot of money?

Right here? From this web page?

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Well, there’s just one catch. I can’t reveal those business marketing secrets on this web page directly… because… they are in audio format.

But you can listen to a number of those online audio recordings of me “going to work” on a particular marketing problem… and sharing important small business marketing secrets to help you make huge profits…

Just click below on an audio “question” that looks like it would be of particular interest to you… and… you’ll hear me giving you marketing secrets you won’t find anywhere else to help you grow your business. Scroll down the page and start listening to what works…

Getting Started – The Basics

Lead Generation/ List Building

Web Site Marketing

Closing More Sales

Getting Started – The Basics

Is marketing just hot air?

What is the most effective way (or couple of ways) to market my business to prospective clients?

My competitors and I sell the same product, the only difference is the branding. How can I differentiate my product or brand from all the others?

How do I know when my marketing is working? How long do I wait to find out?

Lead Generation / List Building

What is the best way to generate leads for professional services (CPA’s, Physicians, Lawyers, etc.)?

Is there one  lead generation technique that is by far the most effective?

What is the best form of print advertising… and is it worth it to do direct mailing? And, if so – how do I get people to open the mail?

What is the secret to writing an effective classified ad?

Web Site Marketing

Do I need a web site to succeed?

What is the return going to be on my web site?

How can I use my web site to its fullest potential?

What is the most effective way to build a list of prospects online?

What are the key elements of an outstanding landing page on my web site (when using a Google AdWords campaign)?

Closing More Sales

How would you keep someone interested in your service when the pricing is higher than the competitor’s?

When is the best time to go for ‘The Close’?

What is the biggest marketing mistake most people make?

Charlie…how did you become so successful?

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