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Getting Started

icon-artSmall Business Advertising 101

3 simple ways anyone can use advertising to get results, generate more leads and more sales.

icon-artAdvertising Campaign Basics

Seven steps to creating a successful small business advertising campaign.

icon-artCalculate Your Advertising ROI

To find out how many new clients you need to break even with your advertising, use this calculator.

icon-artHow to Use Ads To Sell More

Discover the #1 mistake to avoid and top 3 ways to use ads to sell.

icon-artHow to Create A Top Marketing Slogan

Discover the 5 advertising strategies to create a great slogan.

Writing Ads

icon-p-artThe Recipe for Writing Winning Ads

Use these 6 steps to craft your money-making ads.

icon-p-audThe Simple Way To Write Advertising Copy

Take it from one of the most accomplished copywriters on the planet, someone whose individual sales letters earn him royalties in excess of a million dollars and has started and sold 23 profitable companies – a BILLIONAIRE! Listen to his top copywriting tips and put them to work for you.

icon-p-artMaking Money With Your Google Ads

Discover how easy it is to use Google AdWords to generate sales and profits

icon-p-audHow To Sell With Radio Advertising

Discover the secret to getting attention with your radio ads.

icon-p-vidWhich Video Ads Get Attention

Want tens of thousands of people to see your video ad? Watch these top viral video ads to find ideas you can use.

icon-p-audMake Advertising Work Like Magic

The Wizard of Ads Roy Williams explains how you can maximize your return on ad dollars. It’s simpler than you think.

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