The Secret To A Flood of FREE Traffic

by Charlie Cook

Almost every website owner I know wants one thing for their web site: More traffic! Heck, even though I get around 3,000 visitors a day, I want 10,000. Assuming you have a way of converting traffic into buyers, the more traffic you get, the more money you’ll make.

If you own a web site you understand this simple equation. While you know one of the fastest ways to get more traffic is by getting found in the search engines, what most people don’t know, is how to crank up their online traffic. This is why I’m delighted to have one of the top SEO experts to share with you the simple and easy ways you can improve your search engine positioning and see your profits grow.

The person I’m talking about is Stoney deGeyter. Stoney is President of the SEO firm Pole Position Marketing. Stoney started Pole Position Marketing back in 1998 working from his bedroom. With over ten years of hands-on SEO management, website architecture and usability experience Stoney has become one of the leading SEO’s in the industry. He’s authored numerous books on SEO including E-Marketing Performance, Keyword Research and Selection, and Destination Search Engine Marketing.

Pop the cd in for a listen to discover:
• What’s the key to successful SEO campaigns.
• The top 3 on-page optimization factors.
• What’s the true value of social media marketing.
• How long can you expect your site to stay optimized.

And much more.

(VALUE: $200)
In less than 67 seconds, discover your company’s online reputation score and how to improve your reviews to attract more clients. Based on an analysis of the review sites that matter.