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The Proven Formula and Insider Secret Tactics to Attract Thousands of Buyers
Eager to Give You Their Money

The fact of the matter is that your target market, your best paying clients and your profit potential have moved. They've moved to social media; to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. If you don't know how to use these free tools to attract clients, your competitors are going to eat your lunch.

Or, you could beat your competitors to the table and steal their best customers.

I'll give you access to the top 12 social media experts who will show you how to put the new social media tactics to work for your company. Plus, I'll introduce you to 2 highly successful entrepreneurs who have put these ideas into practice to grow their businesses.

Uncover the Fastest Way to Mine
Social Media and Hit the Mother Lode
While Cutting Your Marketing Costs!

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From: Charlie Cook
Old Greenwich, CT

Dear Business Professional:

You've arrived at this page for 1 of 2 reasons:

1) You're looking for a cost-effective way to generate tons of sales and leads for your business. You're tired of paying big money for SEO services and you're fed up with Google slaps and high PPC bid costs.

2) You've heard about social media for some time now, but you're confused about which tactics actually work, which tools to use and where to start. You know that social media works for some businesses, but aren't sure how to make it work for yours. Besides, how much time are you going to need to Tweet, blog or upload content to social media sites? Like me, you want to know what the ROI in social media really is.

You may have asked yourself:

You've come to the right place to get your questions answered and to discover how to generate more traffic, leads and sales with social media -- and dramatically reduce your marketing costs.

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Here's how it works in the real world.

With some expert advice, you can easily eliminate your advertising, your SEO costs and almost all your marketing expenditures by replacing them with social media marketing. Your business can prosper like the successful entrepreneurs that I interview in this Teleconference.

Why does social media marketing work?

The secret is that before your customers buy from you they need to get to know you, trust you and understand the value you provide. Social media is the fastest way to make this happen with thousands of people at a time.

It's like using an automatic sprinkler system instead of a watering can to grow grass.

Your marketing goal is to get the the greatest number of qualified prospects to know, like and trust you as quickly as possible, breaking down the biggest barriers to sales so they buy right away. Social media marketing can do this for you.

Social Media Marketing
Is the Untapped Opportunity of a Lifetime
for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

You can flood your business with plenty of laser-targeted traffic using social media marketing, but to get this kind of amazing results, you can't just jump in and start Tweeting or hanging out on Facebook or throwing stuff up on your blog.

You need to know what strategies the social media experts are using and how to implement those in your marketing.

I've persuaded 12 of the world's best social media experts to share their secrets with you. And, as if that's weren't enough, I've included 2 entrepreneurs who are using social media every day to make money to share their experience with you.

You're about to discover amazing tips, tricks and techniques that will make you wonder why you didn't try this sooner. With The Insider Secrets to Profiting With Social Media Marketing 2.0 you'll have the know how to dominate your market.

The Stakes Are High

The fact is, traffic and your prospects' attention is shifting to social media sites. To date, over 500,000 people are on Facebook. As of 2011 Generation Y out number Baby Boomers and nearly 96% of them have joined a social media network. Stats further reveal that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations over ads.

The playing ground is shifting dramatically and those businesses that get in now and establish a presence in social media networks and build social media assets - are the ones that will be the top 10 or 15% of businesses in the near future.

Want to be in the top 10-15% of businesses in your niche?

It will be very difficult for slow starters to build a serious presence in these networks as they'll be squeezed out!

You simply cannot afford to get left behind. This is your one chance to get a crash course in social media marketing from the people who can give you the truth about what works before it's too late.

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1. Make A Plan

Catherine MacDonald

How One Entrepreneur Attracted 8,000 Fans On Facebook In Just 3 Weeks To Launch Her Successful Online Business

Catherine McDonald - social media entrepreneur

Catherine explains how she came up with the idea for her latest business and tapped Facebook to turn it into a huge success. Using simple strategies, that any average entrepreneur can use.

Listen in to find out how you too, can attract thousands of Facebook fans (prospects) in just a few weeks.

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Pierre Martel

This Builder Reveals The Secrets He Used To Start and Grow His "Brick and Mortar" Business To Over Four Million In Sales
In Just 4 Years

Pierre Martel - social media marketing entrepreneur

Everyone knows that the home building industry is in the dumps, which is what makes Pierre Martel's story so amazing.

As you listen in, you'll discover how he and his company turned their first and biggest social media failure into an outrageous success, gaining massive amounts of attention for their new business - and ultimately "stealing the show".

And how now, four years later he continues to rely soley on social media to keep his business growing.

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Carrie Wilkerson

How You Can Cash In With Social Media to Outmaneuver
Larger Companies and Rapidly Expand Traffic and Profits

Who is Carrie Wilkerson?

social media strategy expertCarrie Wilkerson is known as the "Barefoot Executive". She's built several businesses and coached others to do the same.

She's a mentor/coach/advisor to over 100,000 people. She earned the Internet Marketer of the Year Award at Yanik Silver's Underground Online Seminar, and she's done it all in just 2 years!


Here's some of what Carrie reveals:

  • How to turn your business around with social media marketing
  • How others use social media marketing to attract clients and increase sales
  • What exactly social media is and why it's vital you discover how to use it
  • Which social media sites and tools are the only ones you need to grow your business
  • Carrie's social media attack strategy (Worth $1,000's in consulting fees)
  • The simple system for using social media to build your brand (Get $20,000 in branding withough actually paying for it!)
  • What you need to know to make your marketing go viral
  • The secret to conducting powerful social media campaigns without investing hours of time into it on a daily basis
  • A fool-proof strategy for getting heard in a cluttered social climate
  • How to be "magnetic" and draw people to you with social media marketing
  • Which social media sites you should be on
  • And the most important sure-fire social media promotion strategies to use.
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Derek Fredrickson

How To Attract Unlimited Traffic And Sales, Marketing Authentically, One Tweet At A Time, And Keep Your Dignity Intact

Who is Derek Fredrickson?

Derek Fredrickson - Twitter marketing made simpleDerek is a Wall Street refugee, CEO of Client Attraction and more importantly is almost as obsessed about skiing as I am. He lives just a few miles across the water from me in Stamford, CT.

Since quitting his finance job on Wall Street in 2008, Derek joined his wife Fabienne Fredrickson to help run the wildly successful Client Attraction. In 2010, Derek launched his own business, Authentic Internet Marketing and has grown it dramatically, primarily by leveraging Twitter.


Here's some of what Derek reveals:

  • The single most important social media tactic to use to attract buyers
  • How to consistently generate a flood of leads and buyers, without lifting a finger
  • The proven way to find the people who want to spend money with you
  • What you need to know in order to get a positive ROI with social media
  • The only question you should ask yourself before posting ANYTHING on Twitter
  • How an average "Joe" can, without marketing talent, can multiply his leads and sales
  • The biggest Twitter mistake to avoid, that will kill your sales and income
  • 2 simple Twitter tools that consistently open the door to more buyers
  • The tried and true Twitter strategy that works to get your audience to take massive action
  • 1 amazing tactic to turn Twitter into a money-making machine.
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2. Start With Your Blog

Jack Humphrey

The Hidden Secrets To Harnessing The Power Of Your Blog
And Attracting Thousands Of Prospects To Your Site Every Day

Who is Jack Humphrey?

Jack Humphrey - blog marketing and social mediaJack Humphrey is the author of the 2002 Internet marketing book, "Power Linking". And he's the owner of BlogSuccess, which is the most comprehensive professional blogging training center on the web today.

In 10 years, Jack was responsible for billions of visitors to his personal websites and that of his clients.


Here's some of what you'll discover:

  • What adding a blog to your marketing mix can do for your profits
  • Even if you hate writing, here's how you can incorporate a blog to reap its advantages
  • How insiders are using blog software to get the benefits of top search rankings and social networking (Boosts traffic and increases profits)
  • How to identify top blogs in each niche of marketing
  • The hottest topics to blog about
  • How often you should post on your blog
  • How long each blog post should be
  • The top ways to use your blog to attract prospects to your site and build traffic
  • The essential software you need to make your blog dirt simple to manage
  • What you should know about free blog services before you try them
  • Which social communities or web 2.0 services are the most important for promoting a blog
  • The most common blogging mistakes that could cost you hundreds of hits in traffic and how to avoid them
  • Jack's top 3 blogging tactics you should implement immediately to substantially grow your business this year.
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Ryan Healy

The Drop-Dead Simple Formula To Transform Your Blog
Into A Money-Making Machine

Who is Ryan Healy?

Ryan Healy - blog marketing - copywritingRyan Healy is an in-demand copywriter who's written tons of killer ads and sales letters. He's famous for writing copy that breaks sales records. He has also become a widely-respected authority on blogging.

Ryan is also an expert author for my blog and it is his posts that ususally get the most retweets.

Here's some of what you'll discover in this presentation:

  • Why building a blog is the single-fastest way to build up a fan base and loyal customer base
  • How to leverage your blog into tons of free Google traffic! (Get thousands of dollars in advertising without paying for it!)
  • How to discover the secret wants, wishes and needs of your customer base by using your blog
  • The secret to using your blog to develop potentially lucrative deals
  • The simple steps to turning random visitors into profits
  • Three ways you can create action-provoking content that keeps people coming back for more
  • How often you should post to your blog
  • The only blog software you need to get started, and which blog platforms to avoid no matter what else you do
  • The 6 essential blog plug-ins that are must haves and why you should use them
  • The secret to making your blog a profit-producing success.
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Perry Lawrence

Finally A Step-By-Step Blueprint To Instantly Bring
Your Blog To Life With Video Marketing

Who is Perry Lawrence?

Perry Lawrence - Video Blog Marketing Perry Lawrence has been in video production for over 20 years and has produced, shot, and/or edited videos for companies like Merck, Maxwell House, Nickelodeon, P&G, Ogilvy & Mather, IBM, and many others. Perry is also the "Go To" video expert for the top names in internet marketing.

Perry has quickly become the definitive resource for helping business owners and marketers strategically leverage the power of video.

Here's some of what you'll discover in this presentation:

  • Why you can't ignore video marketing
  • The most important advantages you'll gain with video marketing (Instantly boost profits by 10% overnight!)
  • What you need to start video marketing today for free or almost free
  • Which types of businesses that benefit most from video marketing
  • The different and often overlooked ways you can use video marketing
  • Video marketing 101 made simple so anyone can do it
  • How to maximize the number of people in your target market who watch and respond to your videos
  • Why Google loves videos and how you can use videos to generate tons of new traffic
  • Should you outsource video production or do it yourself on a long term basis
  • What gear you need to create quality videos on a low budget
  • Why you don't need a slick presentation to benefit from video marketing
  • How to make your videos stand out and produce results (How to peel away customers from your competitors!)
  • The key steps to making successful videos
  • 3 video marketing models you can use this week
  • How much editing you should do to get your video online fast
  • How to use your videos to act as a force multiplier on other social media sites
  • Which topics you should cover when you create videos
  • How to make your video go viral on the Internet
  • The most common video marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
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3. Get Liked On Facebook

Richard Krueger

The Sizzling HOT Facebook System For Attracting
A Stampede of Interest and Buyers

Who is Richard Krueger?

Richard Krueger - Facebook for dummiesRichard Kreuger is the co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and Facebook Advertising For Dummies. In 2008, he co-founded Samepoint LLC, a social media agency that provides marketing solutions for small businesses.

Prior to his B-to-B marketing career, Richard held several senior-level positions at top-ten marketing and communicating agencies.

Here's some of what Richard reveals:

  • The hidden secret to attracting buyers like a magnet on Facebook
  • 2 ways to make your Facebook page stand out and get instant attention
  • The proven formula for getting your Facebook fans to unleash a flood of sales
  • 1 simple strategy for finding out what your best clients want to buy from you
  • How to instantly increase your Facebook page traffic by 70%
  • Which content generates interest and sales - and which will put your prospects to sleep!
  • How to generate laser focused content for your Facebook page without breaking a sweat
  • The fastest way to cash in on the 500 million people on Facebook
  • How to fail-proof your Facebook marketing efforts
  • Get Instant Access >>

Paul Dunay

The Knock-Down Simple Way To Attract
All The Clients You Can Handle On Facebook

Who is Paul Dunay?

Paul Duany - Facebook marketingPaul Dunay is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years' success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations.

Paul is Global Managing Director of Services and Social Marketing for Avaya, a global leader in enterprise communications, and author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley 2009).

Here's some of what you'll discover in this interview:

  • Who is on Facebook and why it's essential for you to build your presence their too
  • How other small businesses have used Facebook to grow their customer base
  • Which businesses are best suited for Facebook marketing
  • How one person sold their home in Queens on Facebook
  • How Facebook is changing the very nature of pay-per-click advertising and what's better about their new advertising platform
  • The easy way to laser-target prospects who have money to spend and want what you sell
  • What you must know about creating your Facebook profile
  • What kind of content you should have on your Facebook page
  • How to target your best buyers
  • How to get your prospects to see what you're doing on Facebook
  • The biggest mistake most people make when trying to use Facebook marketing and why it could cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales
  • The secret to increasing your web site traffic with your Facebook page
  • The fastest way to grow your revenue with Facebook (This could boost your annual revenue by 10% or much more!)
  • The biggest threat to Facebook and what it means to your pocketbook
  • The big trend with Facebook that small business owners need to be aware of (Ride this wave and laugh all the way to the bank).
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Dave Kerpen

How To Multiple The Power of Your Marketing By Using Facebook and Twitter Together To Immediately Capture the Attention, Loyalty and Business Of Your Best Buyers

Who is Dave Kerpen?

Dave Kerpen - Facebook and Twitter TogetherDave is the CEO of Likeable, a social media word-of-mouth marketing firm.

He's been featured on CNBC's "On the Money," ABC's "World News Tonight," and CBS's "The Early Show" and has been mentioned in The New York Times.

Likeable's media clients include Heineken, Neutrogena, Verizon and 1-800-Flowers, and he is involved with managing the presence of over 250 brands.


Here's some of what Dave reveals:

  • The super secret Facebook trick to skyrocket the number of people who visit your page
  • How Dave raised $100,000 to cover the cost of his own wedding
  • The surefire strategy to get people on Facebook to spread the word for you about your products and services
  • The fatal problem with Google and why people are flocking to Facebook
  • 3 steps that instantly convert your Facebook fans into customers
  • The one type of post never to add to your Facebook page
  • How much time to dedicate to Facebook to trigger a flood of interest and sales
  • How to target the exact people who you know want your products and services and see your sales go through the roof overnight
  • How one savvy company uses Twitter to steal customers from competitors and you can too.
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4. Connect With Thousands One Tweet At A Time

Kyle Lacy

Surefire Secrets To Generating
Leads and Sales With Twitter

Who is Kyle Lacy?

Kyle Lacy on Twitter MarketingKyle is the CEO of a social media consulting firm called Brandswag. He's a recognized expert in social media and he's routinely invited to speak on the subject. He's also written the book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies.

His blog is consistently ranked as one of the top 150 social media blogs in the world and he was named by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the Forty Under 40 Business Professionals for 2010.

Here's some of what you'll discover in this presentation:

  • How to set up a Twitter account, and your Twitter page for maximum effect
  • The proven way to use Twitter like a pro in just 5 minutes
  • Secrets of building a massive following on Twitter
  • How to use Tweets to develop and strengthen relationships with prospects and business partners
  • How many Tweets you should be doing per day and what you should be saying in your Tweets
  • How to use Twitter as a tool for effective lead generation
  • What to do if you already have competition on Twitter
  • Who to respond to and who not to respond to (Saves an enormous amount of time from answering every Tweet)
  • How to monitor key Twitter activity that could turn into profits without staying glued in front of it all day
  • The best ways to integrate your website(s) with your Twitter page (This is worth a lot of money to you)
  • The single-biggest secret to being successful with Twitter
  • How to shorten your URLs so they fit in your Tweets
  • The 2 best tools for scheduling your Tweets
  • Twitter etiquette that you absolutely must know
  • How to get more followers outside your local area
  • Get Instant Access >>

Warren Whitlock

The Top Twitter Strategies Guaranteed
To Boost Your Income

Who is Warren Whitlock?

Warren Whitlock - Twitter and Social MediaWarren is a best-selling author, speaker, blogger and social media marketing strategist. He has also been an entrepreneur in the computer, publishing and media industry.

Over the past 10 years, he's taught thousands of others how to do the same. He specializes in helping authors and businesses improve their offline and online marketing programs.


Here's some of what you'll discover in this presentation

  • How to Tweet for profit
  • The simple steps to getting a 2-way conversation with your prospects
  • What types of businesses Twitter is best suited to and which types aren't
  • How to map out if marketing on Twitter will deliver enough of a return on investment to make it worthwhile
  • The secret to get Twitter to drive FREE traffic to your website
  • How to use Twitter to showcase products that you want to launch or promote heavily
  • The key to protecting and strengthening your brand with Twitter
  • How to use Twitter to spy on your competitors
  • How to use Twitter to survey your followers so you can develop marketing campaigns and products that strike pay-dirt
  • The simple strategy for using Twitter to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased sales
  • Get Instant Access >>

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5. Leverage LinkedIn To Maximize Sales

Jan Vermeiren

No Matter What You Sell, Discover The Proven Ways
to Find Buyers Fast On LinkedIn

Who is Jan Vermeiren?

Jan Vemeiren - LlnkedIn social media expertJan is the author of the networking book titled "Let's Connec", the networking CD "Let's Connect at an Event!", the "Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course" and his current book, "How to Really Use LinkedIn."

Jan and his crack team have worked with companies such as Alcatel, Deloitte, DuPont, IBM, ING, Mobistar, Nike, SAP and Sun Microsystems as well as small companies and freelancers.


Here's some of what you'll discover:

  • Why LinkedIn is the most important social media site for B-B prospecting, networking and business development
  • How to get new customers on LinkedIn
  • The easy way to build profitable relationships with new marketing partners and suppliers
  • How to get found on LinkedIn by your target market and get them to contact you
  • The secret system for using LinkedIn to identify your best prospects and get personally introduced to them
  • How to guarantee your LinkedIn profile will be viewed in search engines
  • The one thing to do when setting up your profile to boost the search engine ranking of your website
  • Which groups to join on LinkedIn and why
  • The one magic email you need to connect with buyers and marketing partners on LinkedIn
  • Which LinkedIn networking mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • Why LinkedIn can get you give you results faster than any other form of social media marketing and how
  • And much more!

(FYI, don't tell Jan, but I was so excited by the simple ideas he was sharing during this interview, I was implementing some of his suggestions within seconds of when he shared them and starting seeing results within 24 hours!)

Get Instant Access >>

Lewis Howes

The Easy Way To Swiftly Tap Into LinkedIn
To Generate Leads And Sales Overnight, No Matter What You Sell

Who is Lewis Howes?

Lewis Howes - LinkedIn Marketing After graduating from college, Lewis Howes, who's still an NCAA All-Division Record holder, used his Sports Management Degree to found Sports Executives Association and

He's the co-author of LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World's Largest Professional Networking Website and recently published LinkedIn Master Strategies.


Here's some of what Lewis reveals:

  • Why the myth about LinkedIn being only good for B-to-B marketing is dead wrong, and how you can promote any business with it
  • How to get paid $200 a minute or $12,000 for each hour you spend on LinkedIn (No, I'm notmaking this up.)
  • The 3 steps to mining LinkedIn for unlimited profits
  • How to immediately increase your visibility and get your profile to show up at the top of LinkedIn searches
  • The simple secret, hardly anyone uses to funnel massive traffic to your website from LinkedIn
  • How to instantly get hundreds of people contacting you on LinkedIn (I tried these ideas myself and was blown away by the results)
  • The two HUGE advantages LinkedIn has over every other social media tool (Hint: It starts with the average income of it users.)
  • How anyone can increase the perceived value of their products and services using LinkedIn
  • The #1 way to automate your marketing using LinkedIn
  • Get Instant Access >>

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Nothing Is As Powerful As Social Media Marketing
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You'll Have a Secret Weapon for Generating Quality Traffic at Zero Cost!

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Chances are, you've considered learning about social media marketing but never had the time or just felt too overwhelmed by it. Now here's your chance to get a crash course in social media marketing by the world's top social media experts. This will give you head start.

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Cindy Degrange
Slatersvill, RI
Communication By Design

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They were very interesting and helpful -- not a weak one in the bunch. I took lots notes. Thank you for making these available."

Sharyn Williams

Here's What You'll Have Instant Access To
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The Insiders' Secrets to Profiting From Social Media Manual

Your road map for cashing in on social media.

Comprehensive step-by-step details on what to to, where and how to leverage social media to generate more traffic and buyers.

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Charlie Cook

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