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Instantly Increase Sales With Less Effort

Instantly Increase Sales With Less EffortDiscover how to get attention in 15 seconds or less and increase your leads by up to 15x or more just by making this one change. You'll pull in a flood of qualified prospects, people eager to buy. Click here »

"Immediately helped me make a $10,000 sale! The seven steps to crafting your marketing message was easy to follow and produced great results. Highly recommended."
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How To Build a Seven Figure Income

How To Build a Seven Figure IncomeFind out which five essential, low cost marketing activities, when used together, can help you automatically attract more new top paying clients every month and generate more repeat business every year. Click here »

"These marketing ideas work! I’m getting many more calls and new clients since I started using the ideas from Attracting More & Better Customers in my ads and mailings. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their marketing plans and sell more."
Myra Shelton, Realtor

"My business has grown by 50% in the last two months. I've had to add two more trucks to handle all the new business we're bringing in since I started using the marketing principles and ideas in your book. Highly recommended."
Donald Monroe, Monroe's Plumbing

The #1 Way To Multiply Your Online Profits

The #1 Way To Multiply Your Online ProfitsYou'll find out exactly how to transform your website into a lead generating, sales producing success. Whether you just launched your site or it's been up for years, this is the quickest way to increase your online income. Click here »

"I earned an additional $1,000 from my website in the first week. The best material on web marketing to increase sales! Creating Web Sites that Sell is easy to read, understand and apply. Highly recommended."  
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The Top Secrets To Attracting Massive Traffic

Instantly Increase Sales With Less EffortFind out how easily the top profiessionals pull in millions of eager buyers and millions in revenue to their websites each year. And how you can easily apply these same simple strategies to skyrocket your sales and profit. Click here »

"Charlie, just by applying these easy to follow traffic tips, I've seen my site move to the top of the search engines and my sales are way up for the year."
Peter Keelty,


How To Cash In On Social Media Marketing

How To Cash In On Social Media MarketingListen in as 8 top social media experts reveal their innermost trade secrets to using free social media tools to pinpoint and profit from hungry buyers in any market before it's too late. Click here »

"No hype and all solid, business building content. I have listened to three interviews so far, and they are really useful. But I would expect nothing less from Charlie. I am going to recommend this TeleSummit to my friends and associates."
Henri Schauffler,

5 Easy Ways To Flood Your Site With Targeted Traffic

5 Easy Ways To Flood Your Site With Targeted TrafficTired of all the hype? Find out the proven ways to attract thousands of visitors a day to your site. These are the top 5 traffic-building strategies anyone can profit from. Click here »

"Charlie, you helped me put my site at the top of Google. Just by applying your easy to follow web site marketing suggestions, I've moved my site to the top of the search listings, resulting in tons of traffic."
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Which Words Will Make You Rich?

Which Words Will Make You Rich?Discover how to quickly and easily multiply the selling power of every promotion you create to increase your income by hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars a year. Click here »

"Writing Copy That Sells is like having a license to print money. It provided a simple formula that I could easily follow. I have been using Charlie's principles to transform my sales letters and it has really worked for me. Worth every penny!"
Bob Burnham, Expert Author Publishing


The Easy Way To Sell Anything To Anybody

The Easy Way To Sell Anything To AnybodyThe simple truth about sales is your prospect will always do a better job of selling themselves than any sales person ever can. Discover how to use this simple strategy and close more sales with less effort. Click here »

"Over $200,000 in additional sales! These ideas were easy to apply, smoothed out our sales process and as a result our closure rate is up. It paid for itself many times over and I'd recommend it to anyone in marketing and sales."
Bill Orser, President, www.Safeplay Systems

The Most Powerful Way To Generate Consistent and Reliable Income

The Most Powerful Way To Generate Consistent and Reliable IncomeWouldn't you like to have a list of 30k, 75k or even 150k qualified prospects? Use this automatic lead generation system to build your own monster list of qualified prospects, hungry to buy. Click here

"I've increased sales of my products by at least 3 times since starting a month ago with Charlie’s strategies, and this trend seems to be exponential right now. I have also gotten great feedback from other e-marketing experts on my internet presence. I highly recommend Charlie!"
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Outsource Your Way to a Million Dollar Business

Real-World Outsourcing And Delegation StrategiesIntroducing a crash course to outsourcing with 10 of world's top experts, that gives you an amazingly easy way to grow your business by tapping the virtual workforce. Discover how to work 30% less and easily double or triple your profits this year without the burden of full-time employees. Click here »

"This was incredibly helpful. What I really appreciate is the diversity of experts included. The freelance copywriting call for example, was refreshing. It was great to hear ideas on how to build a well-rounded team with more than just VAs. I think Terry Dean did a great job including information on different types of virtual professionals. Highly recommended!"
Rebecca Trelfa, Virtual Dynamos Worldwide Inc.

Ethically Steal ALL These Money-Making Secrets

Ethically Steal ALL These Money-Making SecretsNo matter what you sell, you can skyrocket your business by using the most powerful ideas of these top marketing and sales experts - updated every month. Click here »

"Using just one idea from this program, I landed a new client in 40 minutes. The monthly CDs are full of small steps you can put to use immediately to get results and more business."
Rob Calabrese, Spotsmith, Sydney, Nova Scotia