6 Ways to Get Results With Your Small Business Marketing Today

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Tired of waiting for more clients to show up?

There are a lot of systems and schemes you can find that promise increased income, but how long do you need to wait to see results. A month, six months, a year?

Wouldn’t you like some ideas you can use today, this week and this month to attract more clients and add another ten or twenty thousand dollars to this month’s income?

Help more prospects buy from you with these six ideas.

1. Improve Your Marketing Message
Most people talk about their work and advertise their products and services with marketing messages that don’t pull in new prospects. Whether you are selling services or products, the most effective way to attract prospects is by telling them how you can help them.

When you tell people you are a real estate agent or sell travel incentives or a lawer, you’re only talking about yourself, not what you do for your clients. To get your prospects attention you need to talk about what you do and your products in terms of solutions and benefits.

If you’re selling oranges, which is most likely to get a sale.

a. “The best oranges anywhere.”
b. “Quench your thirst right away with this organic and satisfying source of vitamin C.”

A good small business marketing message helps prospects understand what you do and why they should contact you. Whether you are selling oranges, real estate, training or fitness memberships, write your marketing message from your prospects’ perspective.

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2. Give People a Reason to Contact You
Whether you want prospects to email you, call you or come to your exercise facility, your objective is to get them to contact you. When they do, you can go to work and start converting them to client status. How can you prompt a prospect to contact you?

Everyone loves the chance to get something for nothing. Offer a report, workshop or consultation. Make sure its something related to what you’re selling and that your target market loves. Over 30,000 people have signed up for my free marketing guide ‘7 Steps to Attract More Clients’.

3. Establish Your Pricing in Terms of Value
Several years ago I paid a lawyer over thirty-five thousand dollars to write a contract for me. Why? Because it helped me make almost a million dollars. When the company I was dealing with had financial problems, thanks to my lawyer’s work, I still received every penny.

Whether your product or service sells for nineteen dollars or nineteen thousand dollars, your clients buy because they have a clear understanding of how your product can help them and the value it provides. Use your business marketing copy, images and video clips to help people understand how much better off they will be when they use your products and services.

When prospects are confident they will get what they want and expect, price becomes far less important.

4. Build Credibility
People buy from those they know and trust. How can you get prospects to know and trust you?

Whether you have been in business for one month or one hundred years, endorsements from others are the most effective way to establish your credibility. Place testimonials prominently in your small business marketing materials, demonstrate to prospects that you know what you’re doing and that your products and services work.

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5. Start a Conversation to Create Opportunities
One of the key steps to helping prospects buy is to find out what they need and want. Once you know what their interests are, you can show them the service or product that’s the best solution and you’re on your way to completing a sale. How can you get the conversation going even if you’re not face-to-face with a prospect?

Query them. Ask prospects what they need and want and give them a chance to tell you. Even if you’re not face-to-face with a client you can use your web site to generate a steady stream of qualified leads. Often all that’s needed to close the sale is a follow up call.

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6. Instill a Sense of Urgency
Have you ever put off buying something that you needed or wanted? How can you get your prospects to avoid this black hole of procrastination?

Give prospects clear directions. Tell them what to do when and why. If you want them to fill in a form, tell them how and why to do so. If you want them to buy your book, tell them how and why. If you want them to give you information about themselves, give them a reason. If you want people to make a purchase right away, motivate them with an impeding deadline.

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Not every prospect will purchase your products or services today, but you can help them along. Use these six marketing strategies to attract more prospects and you’ll be more successful every day.

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