What’s The Growth Potential For Your Small Business…

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Do you know how big your potential market is and how much more you can grow your business?

Last week I got a call from Janet, who wanted me to help her grow her Home Health Care business. She told me that her business grossed over six million dollars last year and she thought the potential exists to grow by at least 50% in the next two years.

Janet went on to explain that in one of the three communities she had targeted, she had only a small share of the business. She’d tried increasing spending on advertising, but it hadn’t provided any lead generation.

She knew the clients were there, but her marketing wasn’t reaching them. And she was sure that if she could make her ads and her follow up more effective, she’d have no problem reaching her goal of adding another three million dollars worth of business.

Ever wonder how big your potential market is and how much more you could grow your business?

Wouldn’t you like to know the answer?

People frequently assume that the reason their business isn’t growing is because of the lack of interest or small size of their potential market. But if you’re not getting all the clients you can handle, the problem could be your marketing strategies.

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If you’re only getting a small slice of the business in your target market, it’s not your prospects’ fault. It’s your lead generation that’s to blame. Janet identified one problem with her marketing strategies, the ads she’d written and paid for. Spending more on these wasn’t helping.

How can you tell if you’re getting all the business you could be?

1. You know what your target market is; if you haven’t already, do your homework now and get some hard numbers. Find out how many potential customers you have, where they live, and what their habits are. For example if you’re a home health care provider, find out the number of people between 65 and 100 in the communities you serve. Get as much information as you can on where they live and which media they rely on.

2. Clarify the benefits of the services you provide. No one really wants a nurse, a physical or occupational therapist. They want the benefits these services provide such as elimination of pain and increased mobility so they can get out of bed, enjoy their hobbies and get the most out of life no matter what age they are.

3. Calculate the percentage of your target market you currently serve. Most businesses serve a small percentage of their target market, leaving lots of room for growth.

4. Review each step of your marketing strategy and marketing tools to identify which are getting results and which aren’t.

How to Attract All The Clients You Can Handle
Why do some business owners seem to be so successful, pulling in prospects and profits? I’m sure you know it’s not by magic but because they know the most powerful ways to people who are eager to buy. Isn’t that what you want?

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Do You Know How to Use Your Ads and Mailings?

Are you trying to sell with your ads, mailings, and cold calls? In general this is a big mistake. Your first objective is to engage your prospects’ interest; then you can build a relationship with them, get them to know you, trust you and buy from you. Start by providing your prospects with helpful information. Follow up with more helpful information and testimonials from happy clients.

What Freebie Do You Use to Generate Leads?

Do you have a free giveaway you use to prompt prospects to contact you? Whether it’s a free report or seminar or even a tea bag, giving something away for free is the most effective way to generate a reciprocal response and get a prospect to give you their contact information.

Are your ads, your mailings and your web site focused on you and your company? If they are, you’re making a fatal mistake. To attract clients and customers, focus your marketing on what customers want.

Are You Trying To Sell Prospects Too Soon?

Once a prospect responds to an ad, a mailing or your website, do you try to sell them? Don’t! Most people spend weeks researching a purchase. If you try to sell them right off the bat, you’ll be wasting your breath and missing the potential of a sale down the road when they’re ready to make a decision.

Prospects don’t care what you have to say until they know you care.

Instead of Selling Are You Helping People Buy?

Remember, people don’t like to be sold but they do like to buy. People love spending money to get what they want.

My daughter is like me; she shops around for good quality and value before she buys, whether it’s art for her new apartment or a pair of winter boots. She then gets great satisfaction from making a purchase.

I do a lot of research before I buy a new computer or a new pair of skis. When I do make my purchase, I’m a happy camper. You want your clients and customers to experience that kind of satisfaction.

Instead of trying to sell people and scaring them away, help them get what they want and your sales will soar.

Are prospective customers falling through holes in your marketing?

Are there holes in your:

  • Ads; are you getting a strong response?
  • Mailings; do prospects read them and call you?
  • Website; is it about you or your prospects? Does it generate hundreds of leads and or sales a week?
  • Follow-up communication; what is your follow up strategy?
  • Your sales script; what’s your conversion rate, could you improve it with a more customer focused script?
  • Other…

Want to discover how many more clients you could get? Find out what is and isn’t working with your marketing. Then find out what actually works to generate more leads and sales.

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