National Networking Groups and Resources

Associations on the Net
Find a group related to your profession or better yet find the professional associations that should be interested in the solutions you offer. A well organized directory of professional associations that have an online presence, in every topic area.

Business Network International
The world’s largest referral organization. A big claim, but given the number of successful people who pay good money to belong, it must be worthwhile. Local chapters usually meet once a week and are limited to one person per profession. Provides the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, referrals. Members are expected to provide others with referrals and get a chance to showcase their own services.

Look for a local chapter. Chances are good there is one in your town or nearby. If not they’ll help you get one started. If you were going to pick just a couple of networking groups to belong to this should be one of them.

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Company of Friends
Associated with Fast Company Magazine, this networking group has on online presence and local chapters. Local meetings are interesting and provide a good cross section of service professionals and occasionally draw corporate members, depending on the speaker.

A mixed brew of business networking and social fun. Hyped networking events that are fun and if you do well in large groups of others seeking work, check this one out. Worth a try.

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Directory of Professional and Trade Associations
Get together with others in your profession or present to meetings of professionals interested in the solutions you offer. Over 35,000 highly targeted associations listed in this searchable directory with direct links to their web sites. Just remember to scroll down the page to find the results of your search, they’re below the fold on your monitor’s screen.

Business networking site based in England. Provides online networking opportunities as well as a host of resources. Use Ecademy’s advanced online networking tools and attending networking events to make new contact and get fresh ideas.

EYPN, Enterprising Young Professionals Network
Membership-based organization located in Central Florida, offering services to members both locally and nationally. They specialize in resume development, career strategies and relationship building among young professionals.

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Where Can You, Buy, Sell and Trade Business Leads?
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ItsNotWhatYou Know
Its who you know that counts if you want to get ahead and INWYK helps you create, build and manage your online network professional, personal and educational contacts.

National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States
If you want a hard copy and somewhat more comprehensive version of the above association directory you can get it here. This directory lists every know professional association from obscure groups such as the Abrasive Grain Association to the Trailer Hitch Manufacturers’ Association to less obscure groups like the American Medical Association. Its the bible of networking and can be found at most libraries in the reference section or you can order it directly from Columbia Books.

Business and social networking for young professionals in 18 locations near or in major cities. Meetings start with time for business networking and move to party time in local hot spots. Just remember no jeans or sneakers permitted. (You’ve got to draw the line somewhere if you want to act professional.)

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Networking Professionals
An online networking group for successful professionals looking to build their businesses, improve their client base and advance their careers. Target your networking efforts by connecting with other professionals.

Point Relevance
An free online environment for business people to network, leveraging social circles to improve business. Generate sales leads, make new business contacts, promote yourself and business, find face-to-face events by local groups, meet new people with similar interests or find your next job.

Matches people in two contexts – at events such as trade fairs, expositions and conferences in an event MingleZone™, and within the global online community; the Powermingle Network™.

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Online network with a handful of local chapters and gatherings in major cities. Once you register to join you can peruse members listings, topic groups and get connected.

Toastmasters International
Not strictly a networking organization. Provides fledgling speakers an opportunity to improve their communication skills, practice and along the way meet other people who are growing their own careers.

U.S. Jaycees
For people between the ages of 21 to 39. Provides opportunities for the development of personal and leadership skills. Get connected with others who share your ambition and an interest in serving the community. Membership has included a number of past U.S. presidents and others of note.

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Online Networking

People who participate in online discussion groups whether their focused on finance or skiing or usually open to providing advice and helping you get connected. While you may want to be careful about your online only contacts, you can find many honest and helpful people and build profitable networking relationships.

Google Groups
One of the easiest ways to access the multitude of online groups is via Search under groups for your keywords of scroll down and click on “biz” for a listing of business related groups or for that matter any sort of group that may be interested in the problems you solve.

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