"I can honestly say that in 8 years, I've NEVER had this kind of success in such a short period of time.

After laying off most of my staff in 2007 I thought my business was a victim of the slowing economy.

Using Charlie's ideas in the past two months we've sold 30 projects which for a video production company is HUGE!

The only negative... if you can call it one is that Charlie has helped us get more work than we ever imagined and I'm having to reset my goals and my staffing plans to keep up."

Kris Simmons
FireEye Productions

"Money well spent! Our Travel Incentive business
has skyrocketed since we first started working
with Charlie Cook mid-2004.

Listen to Mike

Being in the direct marketing business ourselves (and for over 25 years), it is always difficult to find an outside marketing consultant who has the right combination of business savvy and practical applications to make a REAL FINANCIAL IMPACT.

Charlie has these qualities and has withstood the test of time. In fact, we have just appointed Charlie to our coveted Marketing Advisory Council. We don't make a decision without him. Thank you, Charlie, for continuing to make a difference at our firm."

Mike Trowbridge, VP Marketing
www.wyndhamworldwide.com, Wyndham Worldwide

"We tripled our leads within the first month and

increased our per client revenue and have seen
our business grow dramatically this past year.


Listen to Tracy

In fact we have we've had to add staff to handle all the new business. Charlie does an excellent job of helping us focus. We recommend him highly to many of our own clients."

Tracy Sabattis,
Mannix Marketing

"Our referrals are rolling in!

Craig Nash

Listen to Craig

I have used a ton of consultants, but Charlie Cook was the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend him (and I have already) in a heartbeat."

Craig Nash, President
Progressive Rehab



"After working with Charlie for one year
we have quadrupled our client base
and sales are beyond anything we could have imagined!

When we started working with Charlie we had a client base of 10 clients and we were facing problems with improving our web presence, building our mailing list, and really just finding the ideal client.

I would recommend Charlie to any business wanting to improve their web presence. He really knows his stuff! "

Roslyn Null
The Edge Virtual Assistant

"Increased my online sales from $29 a month
to $4,000 a month!

After working with Charlie for just a few months and implementing only a fraction of what he showed my online sales took off. I highly recommend working with Charlie. He is tremendous!"

Leslie Householder
Thoughts Alive

"If a 33 year old surfer without a college education
can build a million dollar business
using Charlie's ideas... you can too!"

Craig Nash

Listen to Edward

Before starting my business, the majority of my time was spent surfing and skateboarding. By applying Charlie's ideas we have grown at least 100% a year, are on track to grow 150% this year with 225% gains online and on track to be a million dollar a year biz in two years. Thanks Charlie!"

Edward Hennessey, President
Ted Shreds On Fire



(VALUE: $200)
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