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Increase Web SalesAre you getting the results you want with your internet marketing strategy?

Your web site should be:

  • Generating a growing list of qualified prospects
  • Helping prospects get to know and trust you
  • Converting prospects to paying clients
  • Increasing your sales each month
  • If its not, then you could be doing better.

Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean you’ve tapped the web’s marketing capability

Your internet marketing strategy could be helping you attract more clients, close more sales and be much more successful. Learn how to harness the power of the web so that it works for you.

The internet offers great potential as a marketing tool, potential that in most cases is largely untapped. Many web sites are replicas of what can be done in print, or else they overuse flashy graphics and neglect fundamental principles of web marketing.

My name is Charlie Cook, and I wrote one of the first ebooks on internet marketing. Using these strategies I grew one of my sites, SearchIQ.com, to over 300,000 page views a month, and sold it to ZDNet for a very nice profit. I know what it takes to create a business-building web site and can you help you improve yours as I have done for others. Since then I’ve written an up to date guide to internet marketing.

There are 10 core elements every internet marketing strategy should include. They are:

1. Your Web Site Marketing Strategy

Why do you have a web site? What do you want it to do? Do you have a web marketing plan?

2. Your Site Visibility

Can people find your site? Is traffic steadily growing in terms of individual visitors and page views? Does your site make use of the best keywords to attract the search engines? Can people find your site listed at numerous other sites?

3. Your Call to Action

What do you want people to do whey they visit your site? Do they do it? Does the site include a number of prompts telling people what to do? Do visitors at least give you their email address before they leave?

4. Your Site Design

Does page layout, colors, type and images get your message across? Do they provide a unique look and feel that reinforces your brand identity?

5. Your Web Navigation

Can people find what they are looking for if they scan the site as they do highway billboards at 60 mph? Is content segmented by user interests? Does it prompt people to move to the other parts of your site? Do special effects enhance or inhibit site navigation?

6. Your Page Content

Do you give away useful information people can use? Is it written to grab visitors’ attention? Does it motivate people to request more information or purchase products and services? Does it inspire visitors to refer others to your site? How often is it updated?

7. Cross-Marketing

Once your site has captured the attention of visitors, does it leverage this by cross-marketing related products and services?

8. Your Product/ Service Descriptions

Are people clear about what you are selling and what they are buying? Are these detailed in terms of the client problem they solve, the benefits to clients and the product or service features?

9. Your Site’s Technical Performance

Does your site load quickly? Does it work equally well across browser and computer platforms? Are all the links on your site active?

10. Your Site Support

Is it easy for people to find contact information on your site? When they send an email inquiry, do they get a response immediately? How long does it take to get a personal response?

Can you answer all the above questions about your internet marketing strategy?

If not, it is hard to know how to improve the performance of your site. You’ve probably spent much of your time and money on your web site.

If your web site is not working to help you grow your business, you are losing money on your investment.

Why not fix it instead?

If you want your site to be effective as a internet marketing tool, I can help you.

I can show you how to:

  • Get traffic to your site so you have more site visitors each week.
  • Prompt site visitors to contact you.
  • Which follow-up activities convert prospects to clients.
  • What to put on your web pages to increase both immediate and long-term sales.
  • How to increase sales generated by your web site.

If you want to learn how to increase your sales and profits?

I can help you.

Call me at 1-800-795-1858 or use the form below to contact me. Make sure to include your web site URL and contact information and any comments or questions at the bottom of the form

You Can Improve Your Marketing Response, Attract More Clients and Increase Your Sales

Grow your business with marketing coach Charlie Cook.Are you responsible for marketing your business? Want to discover how to attract more clients, grow your business, increase sales, and be more successful? Do you want ads that work, sales letters that get the phone ringing, a web site that sells, a steady stream of clients and profits? Do you want help with ...

Getting Attention
• Your marketing message
• Response to sales letters
• Return on advertising
• Generating leads

Positioning Your Business
• Establishing credibility
• Clarifying your value
• Using your articles & ezine


• Overcoming objections
• Getting commitments
• Increasing sales
• Getting more referrals
• Increasing lead generation and sales from your web site

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