Test Your Blog To See If It’s Working

by Charlie Cook

If you have a blog and are regularly writing posts you want your efforts to generate results. Right? How can you tell if your blog is working?

A well planned and well written blog should do the following for your small business marketing. It should generate:

– Interest in your products and services
– Position you as the expert
– Familiarity and trust
– Virtual relationships with prospects
– Qualified leads
– Sales

If your blog isn’t doing this for your business – your missing some of the basic steps involved in using your blog to enhance your small business marketing. First start by writing about topics that wil attract your prospects like a magnet. Then give them straight no B.S. advice that they can take to the bank.

Do this and they’ll want to read every blog post and they’ll subscribe to your blog RSS feed and you’ll have their attention and their loyalty – two big steps towards converting them to customers and clients.

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