How To Get Top SEO Listings With Your Blog

by Charlie Cook

Imagine you could get your blog posts in the first few listings found by Google when your prospects searched for your products or services. You’d get a lot of free traffic to your site and generate a lot more sales.

Well you can, and I’m going to show you how. It involves 3 ingredients all of which are easy to put together into a powerful search engine optimization strategy.

Step 1 – Identify Keywords That Are Within Reach

The first step is identify keywords that are relevant but not so popular they are impossible to get top placement for. For example, I’d love to have my site be number one for “marketing” or “internet marketing” but those are so popular only sites that have been online forever with a zillion links can get top positioning for these keywords. The same is true for keywords “mutual funds” or “stocks”.

What can you do if the best keywords are so popular you’d never be able to get a top listing for them? Go for the low hanging fruit!

In my case there are tons of relevant keyword combinations such as “marketing questions,” “marketing strategy,”  and “web site marketing” that are much easier to get a top listing for.

Of course you’d like top placement for the relevant keywords that get the most searches but if that’s not possible, having top placement for a lot of other relevant keywords can bring in even more traffic.

Think of it this way. One big door to your site from the search engines would be nice, but dozens of medium sized doors can easily let in many more people than one single door.

Step 2 – Review Your Keyword List and Augment with Low Hanging Fruit

You can use the WordTracker tool to come up with a list of relevant keywords or the Google Keyword Tool.

Create a list of keywords phrases you want to target and then check each one on Google to see how easy it will be to get a top position. Do this by simply entering in the keyword phase in Google, searching and then taking a quick look at the top sites that come up.

Check to see if the pages you find are optimized with the keywords in the title, headline and body. If they’re not fully optimized you should have an easy time putting your site above them.

If you have a site that has been online for a few months or more SEO Digger is a great tool that can save you a lot of time.

Blog Marketing Ideas

Just enter your URL, press search and it generates a list of the keywords people are using to find your site and lists in order of how high Google ranks them. I’m fortunate to have tons of top ranking keyword phrases (over 400) but at the same time I can always optimize more.

How about you – could you use more top listings on Google?

Here’s a sample of the ones from my site listed in position 11 on Google, ones I’d like to optimize and push into the top 10.

blog marketing tips

Regardless of how many keyword phrases you find listed in the top 10 spots with SEO Digger, scroll down the results page until you find ones that are listed on Google in spots 11 or higher and pick ones to target with your Blog entries.  It’s that simple, well almost.

Step 3 – Write Your Keyword Optimized Blog

When you write a Blog entry – to put it at the top of Goolge for your keywords you need to optimize it the same way you would any page on your site. Make sure your keyword phrase is in the Blog title, and used 4-5 times in your Blog entry in natural language. If it sounds forced or you’re just listing it multiple times, the search engines won’t like it either.

Before you submit your Blog, check to make sure you’ve linked your keyword phrase to a relevant page, hopefully on your site.

Once you’ve written your Blog entry just use Pingoat or one of the other Blog submission services to submit your entry and then check Google in a couple of days to see how your Blog entry did.

Blog Marketing Strategies

I submitted two Blog entries targeting the keywords “best radio ads” using this simple approach. Within a few days they they appeared at the top and and weeks later Google is still listing one of my blog entries in the 4th spot, above the actual radio ads resource on my web site.

The result? I get a ton of visitors to my site through this one Blog entry alone. When you add up all of my the top ranked blog entries, my site benefits from a flood of targeted visitors, and you can too.

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