How Can You Create A Sense of Urgency To Buy?

by Charlie Cook

What’s one of the biggest obstacles to increasing your sales?

It’s getting people to buy from you now, today, this second. It’s overcoming your prospects’ natural tendency to put off making a decision. Without a sense of urgency they won’t take action, won’t take out their credit card or send you a check and you won’t make as much money as you could.

What keeps your prospects from buying from you today and what can you do about it?

Everyday I look at the list of things I want to do; return calls, writing, coaching, managing the business, biking or kayaking, dinner with the family etc and its chock full with more things than anyone could ever do in a day.

What do I do first? I circle the items on my list that are urgent to my business and to my sanity, the things that are my top priorities for the day. If I complete those items then I take a look at the other items on my list.

But you know what really happens?

Typically other urgent items get added to the top of the list and some tasks wait a long time to get done or simply fall off the list. Sound familiar?

You may have the world’s best product or service and be getting a trickle of orders but if you want to turn it into a torrent you need to prompt your prospects to buy today! Take fifty prospects in any given month and only one of them is likely to buy.

It’s not that they don’t want your product or service. But without any sense of urgency, your prospects don’t take action and your sales stagnate. How frustrating is that?

My son, home for the summer from college, is the same in regards to cleaning his room. It’s low on his list of priorities and the piles of clothes never get cleaned up despite repeated requests. However my wife’s latest threat that she’d start throwing out anything she found on the floor did get his attention.

We all do the same thing – put things off we know we should do. When do hardware stores sell out on flashlights or batteries? When a hurricane is about to hit or the power goes out.

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How can you create a perception of urgency and increase your sales?


No, I’m not suggesting you try and scare your prospects with impeding doom, catastrophe or the threat of random acts of violence. Making your prospects panic isn’t the best way to start or maintain a long-lasting profitable relationship and you’d probably get in trouble with the law.

What I’m talking about is using FEAR OF LOSS as a motivator. Tell someone they’re about to lose a great opportunity and they’ll want it even more.

Does this really work?

Take a look at online auctions. If you’ve followed a few you’ve noticed that a week before an auction ends, there are only a few bidders. Then, boom, in the last few hours or even in the last minute the number of bidders will double and the price people are willing to pay skyrockets. More than once I’ve seen items be auctioned off on Ebay for more than its retail price in stores.

Why? Why does this work so well? No one likes missing out getting something they want.

If you want people to buy from you today you need to put it at the top of their list so its urgent. You can use:

– Time
– Limited supplies
– Offer added benefits

Of course make sure your offers are believable and accurate.

The auction model works particularly well because it combines limited-time and limited-supply to create a sense of urgency. You can do the same with your marketing.

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– Charlie

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