Newsletter Marketing – Better Than A Magic Bullet

by Charlie Cook

Are you looking for the magic bullet — the breakthrough idea or killer strategy that will bring in a steady stream of business?

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You know that hitting your prospects with aggressive sales pitches or grandiose claims is the fastest way to turn them off. But you’re serious about building sales. What are your options?

Build and maintain relationships with your prospects with your e-newsletter! You may provide the best products or services in your industry, hands-down, but prospects will forget you if you don’t follow up your sales calls. You’ve got to stay in front of your prospects and clients to keep business coming in.

It’s not personal. Business owners are busy and without reminders will forget about your product or service no matter how perfect it is for them.

Charlie interviews Michael J. Katz, a recognized expert in the creation and management of effective electronic newsletters. Michael is the founder and owner of Blue Penguin Development and the publisher of “Michael Katz’s E-Newsletter On E-Newsletters,” a free biweekly now in its 8th year. He has developed dozens of e-newsletters which today boast a combined monthly circulation of over 850,000 readers.

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover how to can use your own electronic newsletter to grow relationships with prospects and clients so you can grow your business.

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