How Kris Simmons Landed 30 New Jobs

by Charlie Cook

Kris Simmons is an entrepreneur who saw his business suffer as the result of the 2007 economic downturn and came to the edge of bankruptcy and then discovered how to transform it back into a huge success. You’ll discover what mistakes he made, how to avoid them and what turned his business around.

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While Kris is a hard working, smart entrepreneur, his marketing and his business struggled because he as doing a few simple things wrong. And when he learned what to do differently, it took him just one month to land thirty new projects and put his business on solid ground. It’s a remarkable story.

Key Profit-Building Concepts

•   Your primary job is to grow the business, not produce or deliver the product.
•   You are the brand and your relationships with key customers is your primary competitive advantage.
•   Relationship building is the primary way to grow your business. Staying in touch, each month, with your best customers, is a great way to generate more business.
•   If you want referrals you need to set that expectation with your clients and do it it when they are delighted with your services.
•   The secret to getting all the referrals you can handle? Ask!
•   The cost of getting referrals and more business is zero.
•   Immediate followup is critical to converting referrals into new sales.

Your Action Plan
After you listen to the interview, the next step is to put what you learned into action to increase your profits. Start by:

1.  Identifying what you do to build relationships.

2.  Creating a system to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

3.  Putting your referral strategy into action.

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