How To Get A Million Dollars Worth Of Publicity For Free

by Charlie Cook

Want to know a fast, easy way to get new clients and turn your business into an overnight success story?

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Of course you do. If you could get all the free publicity you wanted in order to promote your product, service or cause, imagine how successful you could be. Have you published a book? What would an appearance on Oprah do for book sales? How much would a story in USA Today be worth? We’ve all seen it again and again; positive publicity is a fast track to exponential business growth. But how do you get it for free?

On this CD, Charlie interviews Paul Hartunian, an expert at getting mountains of free publicity for on- and offline business clients. He has shown tens of thousands of people how to use publicity to make sales, get leads, rocket businesses to all-time highs, and even become celebrities.

His techniques require no special skills, no “insider contacts,” and little or no money. Paul and his publicity students have been featured on CNN, Paul Harvey News, The New York Times, Smart Money, Forbes, New Jersey Monthly, Money magazine, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and over 1,000 other radio and TV talk shows.

Using his unique publicity techniques, Paul created a worldwide sensation by becoming the first person in history to really sell the Brooklyn Bridge…and become famous and wealthy!

Best of all, Paul’s techniques require no special skills, no “insider contacts,” and little or no money. You can put his ideas to work for your business immediately.

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