The Secret to Selling Big In This Economy

by Charlie Cook

In this economy it’s become next to impossible for salespeople and marketers like you to get a foot in the door, let alone land the big contracts you want. Trying to schedule a meeting with a decision-maker has never been more challenging — your emails are ignored, phone calls dodged, voicemails deleted.

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You can speed up the sales cycle, win big contracts and actually see your profits grow this year. But it’s going to require fresh sales strategies. Worn out, manipulative sales techniques are not going to cut it.

What’s the secret to selling in this economy? How can you crack the door and make the sale to get the big or mid-sized corporate accounts your businees depends on?

On this CD, Charlie interviews Jill Konrath, the author of Selling To Big Companies. Jill faced the same challenges you’re facing today early in her career, working at Xerox. Over the last two decades she’s fine tuned a successful sales system that has won her awards as a top performing corporate sales executive.

Her impressive client list includes IBM, GE, Microsoft, 3M, Hilton, AAA, CoxTarget Media, General Mills, Medtronic, UnitedHealthcare, Bombardier, Business Journals, RSM McGladrey, Imation, eFunds, Acresso, UniFirst, OpenPeak and many more.

Listen to Charlie’s interview with Jill and learn her proven system for selling to big companies in a tough economy. In just a few minutes you’ll discover how to sell to clients so you can make this year your best ever no matter what sized companies you market to.

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