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Small Business Advertising 101

3 simple ways anyone can use advertising to get results, generate more leads and more sales.

Test Your Marketing Materials In 20 Seconds

Use this quick test to determine whether your ads, your web pages and anything else your share with prospects will work.

Make Advertising Work Like Magic

The Wizard of Ads Roy Williams explains how you can maximize your return on ad dollars. It’s simpler than you think.

How To Create A Top Marketing Slogan

Discover the 5 advertising strategies to create a great slogan.

Top Video Ads and Commercials

Want tens of thousands of people to see your video ad? Watch these top viral video ads to find ideas you can use.

The Simple Way To Write Advertising Copy

Take it from one of the most accomplished copywriters on the planet, someone whose individual sales letters earn him royalties in excess of a million dollars and has started and sold 23 profitable companies – a BILLIONAIRE! Listen to his top copywriting tips and put them to work for you.

Small Business Marketing and Advertising on the Radio – The Best Radio Commercials We Found

Discover the secret to getting attention with you radio ads.

Making Money With Your Google Ads

Discover how easy it is to use Google AdWords to generate sales and profits.

How to Use Ads To Sell More

Discover the #1 mistake to avoid and top 3 ways to use ads to sell.

The Recipe for Writing Winning Ads

Use these 6 steps to craft your money-making ads.

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