Business Marketing Teleseminars

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“Charlie, the telecall was a home run.  Thanks.  It would be hard to improve on it.”
Joe L. Smith

“Very pleased. Included a lot of small business marketing ideas I hadn’t thought of. I think it’s going to be very useful to my business.”

Amanda – Orlando, FL

“Charlie, the call was useful beyond the question that I posed. Afterwards, I had an informal coaching session with my son who is starting a mortgage company.  I used the “3 columns idea” to organize who does what tasks.  The ABC model helped write the sales letters.  And I used the “Charlie story” to coax him to accept coaching from a pro early in the game.  Thanks for the marketing help.”
Doug Jacobson – Seattle, WA

“I got at least 8-9 really good marketing ideas explained very well by Charlie, and will forward it on to key members of my organization so we can get things cranked up. I appreciate it and look forward to the next one.”

Jim – Memphis, TN

“The marketing seminar was very enlightening, using easy to understand concepts with methods on how to implement the marketing strategies.”
Dave – San Diego, CA

“I really liked it.”

Paul, San Francisco, CA

“Your marketing teleconference this morning was very worthwhile. I have pages of notes, and I’m sure if I implement just 10% of the ideas that were discussed, my new business venture will be off to a great start. I would recommend you highly to any business – large or small.”
George Delgado

“Full of good marketing ideas.”

Herb Moeller – Brush Prairie, WA

“I believe your marketing ideas will take our firm to the next level. Thanks Charlie.”
Carly Lewis V.I.P. Litigation, LLC – Atlanta, Georgia

“Thanks for a very informative tele-seminar. I got several marketing tips that I will be putting to good use right away. Great information!”
Troy Milligan

“I was able to incubate a couple of ideas during the call that look like they’ll be very profitable. I greatly appreciate the information that you have passed on, Charlie!”
Jim – Chicago, Illinois

“Charlie sure packs a punch in an hour-long tele-seminar! It’s like getting a good swift kick in the pants to help market my business better, more efficiently and without hemorrhaging money! I definitely took away several key points and cleared my calendar this afternoon to make them happen.”
Marci Whitman, Boomerang Marketing

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the small business marketing tele-seminar. The call answered a couple of questions that I have been looking to answer for some time now,and I thank you.”
Edward Henessey – Highlands, NJ

“Lots of real-world maketing ideas, pertinent and practical.”
Gina Vener

“The call was great! Charlie presented at least 30 simple marketing strategies that were fantastic!”
Sam McNamee

“Great call, Charlie! You gave some valuable nuggets that will produce fruit in my residential and commercial mortgage business. Thanks for your Q&A format.”
Joe Tufo

“I think your approach and the way you handled this whole marketing teleseminar is pretty amazing!”
George from Northridge

“I found a lot things that I haven’t been doing that I should be doing to boost my sales.”
Tom – North Arlington, NJ

“This marketing teleseminar was even better than the first. Tying everything to ABC – model – provided a great mental framework for creating one’s marketing message.”
Gina Vener

“I was able to instantly relate your markeitng ideas to my situation. During the call, I applied what you were saying to develop the start of two marketing ideas that I think will be very profitable.”
Jim from Chicago

“Charlie, you are among my top 3 marketing gurus. Good responses to questions asked by your listeners.  All doable! Looking forward to the next teleseminar.”
Sandra Schrift

“I never realized I could learn so much from a single teleseminar. Thank you for providing great content.”

“I enjoyed the teleseminar very much. I really liked your demeanor on the call and your focused explanations.”
Carol Clea Richards

“Very informative and very practical. I have been in sales for 30+ years and still learned a lot from it.”

“Wonderfull teleconference. I have several of your books and will be buying more.”
Jeff Moore

“Your teleseminars are very informative and provide me with inspiration, insight and confidence in regards to various marketing tactics to utilize in regards to my Interior Design business.”
Denise Ann Hourigan

“Your information has been everything you advertise:  focused, pointed, straightforward, practical and applicable. Thank you!”
Malcolm Dayton

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