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Where Are The Good Web Designers for Small Business Owners?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   May 8th, 2008

Know of any good web designers?

I’m constantly getting requests for qualified web design firms and coming up short on answers. I have a few I regularly funnel work to but they quickly get swamped with the number of requests I get.

If you’re a highly qualified web designer, living here in the U.S. or Canada or know of one you’d like to refer, please use the comment box below to let me know.

Each week I hear horror stories from my clients about web designers they’ve worked with. I had one client that had a site that was trickling in leads so he hired a web designer to redo his site. $35,000 later he had a site that totally killed his lead generation and almost killed his business. It seems they plethora of inexperienced designers and unethical ones are giving the industry a bad rap.

So help me out!

If you’re reading this and are a web designer, you think you’re darn good, (or know someone who is) e.g. can design sites that look a lot better than this one, can take direction, have been at it for 5 years or more, have impeccable references, actually follow up when you get requests and want projects ranging in size from $5k to $25k,

And live and work in U.S or Canada

Leave a comment below with a link to your portfolio.

– Charlie
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2 Responses to “Where Are The Good Web Designers for Small Business Owners?”

  1. Audrey Says:

    I hear stories like that all the time and It makes it hard for good web designers to make a living. Ive been in web designing for over 5 years and i live and work in the U.S. Its hard finding costumers because they go to major companies that charge them hidden fees, rip them off, and their websites aren’t finished for 6 months where as I could have gotten it done in 48 hours. I never bite off more than I can chew, I keep I constant contact with my costumers and keep them updated on the progress of the project. If your interested I would love to help you with your clients.




  2. Mike Says:

    I like Inksoft Media. I’ve used this design firm on many occasions for web design and application development. They always raise the bar. They have very creative designers, work within reasonable budgets for the small business owner and know their stuff.

    I think they still offer free quotes and proposals.

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