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Is Happiness The New Marketing Mecca?

By Charlie Cook   |   February 15, 2012

What is it that makes you buy stuff?

Is it need or is it your desire for happiness?

I’m not kidding. There is a “Science of Well-Being” and it’s now the focus on marketing for major companies. Read More >>

What Turkeys Can Tell You About Marketing

By Charlie Cook   |   November 24, 2010

Want more prospects hungry to buy? Want to know the key to keeping quality clients knocking down your door again and again? This year as you indulge in stuffing, cranberry sauce you might be surprised to discover, a marketing genius right in between the gravy and mashed potatoes.

Find out what the noble Turkey knows about marketing and how he (or is it she?) gets a whole country salivating to sit down for dinner year after year.

Discover what Turkeys know about marketing >> Read More

Don’t Make This Marketing Mistake Again…

By Charlie Cook   |   August 30, 2010

Ever hit your finger with a hammer when you were hanging a picture on the wall? It hurts! Make this painful mistake once, and you’ll swing more carefully the next time, and try to improve your aim. With practice, you’ll hit the nail on the head and get the job done.

Is your marketing also missing the mark? That will hurt your bottom line. Banging away with the same failing marketing strategy is like hitting your finger over and over, all pain and no gain. Believe it or not, I know many small business owners that do exactly this.  Read More »

Did You See This Yet?

By Charlie Cook   |   August 19, 2010

Did you see these videos yet?

I’m talking about Brian Tracy’s 7 marketing tips to a thriving cash rich business.

These are priceless marketing tactics designed to quickly increase your profits… Read More »

Your Social Media Plan For 2010

By Rachel Minihan   |   December 30, 2009

2009 was a big year for social media!  YouTube starting seeing 1 billion hits per day.  Facebook topped the 350 million users mark.  Twitter became the most used word in the English language. And, the big search engines recognized the power of the micro-blog and incorporated this content into their search results.

Watching all of these successes, the message has come through loud and clear that social media/networking/content is now a significant platform on which we, as business owners, must be present. Read More »

6 Ways To Calculate How Much To Spend On Marketing

By Charlie Cook   |   September 17, 2009

marketig calculatorsWant to make an informed decision about how much to spend on your small marketing, or whether it’s worth spending money on advertising or what retaining a few more clients could do for your bottom line?  Do the math.

I’ve just posted 6 free marketing tool calculators on the site for you to use. Read More »

Which Words Sell In This Economy

By Charlie Cook   |   May 7, 2009

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how to be more successful, to make your ads, your sales letters and your website marketing make more money, this is your chance.

Save the date! Thursday 4pm EDT, May 14th.

On Thursday May 14th I’ll be joined by Dan Lok, the master of money-making copywriting, for a one-time only FREE copywriting TeleSeminar to answer your questions about how to consistently convert more prospects into buyers and put more money in the bank.

And I’m giving away my latest 50 page ebook, ‘The 22 Hot Buttons That Get People to Buy’ – FREE – to anyone who registers for the copywriting call.

You should know that it’s filling up fast and if you haven’t done so already and want to get in… you need to sign up in the next few minutes.

Register now >>

On the call Dan will reveal:

*How to grab the interest of prospects who are on-guard against advertising – making skepticism work for you,

*The simple trick to keeping your prospects enthralled and engaged right up to the point that they eagerly pull out their credit card or checkbook,

*A ‘system’ for writing copy that is so powerfully persuasive that no reader could possibly resist – they’ll LOOK for the call to action,

*The most powerful human desire that makes people stop procrastinating and buy – and exactly how to trigger it,

*A surefire way to multiple sales without spending more money,

* How to reposition the product you are selling so that it will trigger one, if not two, of the major hot buttons of recession-stricken prospects,

* … and much more!

Sign-up today to receive my 50 page ebook, the ‘22 Hot Buttons That Get People To Buy’ just for registering!

Use this link to save your space on the call >>

No – you won’t hear Dan promising lazy people instant riches or some such nonsense. He’ll give smart people like you honest and accurate information on ideas you can actually put to use.

This is a unique chance for you to get the truth about how to skyrocket your sales and what to do so you can get all the clients and business you can handle.

Don’t miss this one. Register for one of the remaining places for the copywriting TeleSeminar I’m hosting on Thursday May 14th at 4pm EDT with this link >>

– Charlie

P.S. If you absolutely can’t make the call due to a scheduling conflict, you can still register to be eligible to receive the free 50 page ebook, ‘The Hot Buttons That Get People To Buy.’

Just register and it’s yours >>

P.P.S. My free TeleSeminars sell out in a matter of days… To ensure your spot, reserve in the next few minutes.

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Who Will Be The Business Marketing Winners In This Economy?

By Charlie Cook   |   March 10, 2009

There are two kinds of people: those who panic when things go wrong and those who get a grip and take action to solve the problem.

Which are you?

Who Will Be The Business Marketing Winners In This Economy?

Over a month ago, U.S. Airways Flight 1549 out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport ran into a flock of geese within minutes after takeoff, shutting down both engines. You probably read about it or saw the reports in the news.

The pilot, Captain Sullenberger, kept his wits about him and chose to make a very tricky water landing. He pulled it off, easing his jet down into the middle of the Hudson River without damage, saving everyone on board.

Talk about a winner. It’s an inspirational story, but how did Sullenberger do it? How did he know what to do to save himself, his crew and his passengers?

Captain Sullenberger has years of experience flying, but he credits his training for preparing him to handle a once-in-a-lifetime emergency like this one. He didn’t panic because his training had taught him a set of maneuvers to choose from in extraordinary circumstances.

As a business owner, you may feel like you’re piloting Flight 1549. Just when your business marketing is airborne, a flock of misguided bankers and lenders (turkeys in this case) threatens to bring the whole economy down and your business with it.

It’s bad. Credit is tight and buyers are harder to find. You can panic and watch your company’s profits sink, or you can take your cue from leaders like Sullenberger. The winners in this economy will be business owners — pilots— who take action to save profits and even grow in this economy.

You need to pull your business out of danger and keep pulling in sales. Institute emergency procedures. What are they? Start here >>

How can you save your business and even increase your profits in this economy? There are many ways, and I’ll be discussing them in this and future articles. The first is to…

Create efficiency in key areas. Especially marketing.

Does that sound like strange advice from a marketing coach? It isn’t. You can’t afford marketing that isn’t working.

Marketing is the engine that drives sales and profits. You may have years of experience marketing, but if you aren’t using strategies that run this engine efficiently, you’re losing prospects and sales at a critical time.

In my experience, 90% of potential sales are lost due to poor marketing copy, limited followup, and/or a low percentage of conversions. That’s not a typo; 90% of potential sales are lost due to marketing inefficiency. Institute emergency procedures!

You can improve your marketing efficiency in just a few days and see gains in profits of 400% or more.

How can you improve your marketing efficiency? Find out >>

Most companies are lucky if they’re getting a 1% response to their marketing. Your response rate could be as high as 15%. Think what that would mean for your sales and your income.

1. Lead Generation

Most company’s conversion rates are terribly low, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if yours weren’t, too. Whether you’re using direct mail, cold calling or a web site to generate leads, a typical response rate is less than a half of one percent. Improve your conversion rate to 1% and you’d have twice as many leads.

Is it possible to get 1% of the people who see your information to contact you? Yes. 10 to 13% is possible!

How can you improve your lead generation? Find out >>

2. Conversion

Once a lead comes in, how many do you convert to sales? Here’s another marketing sinkhole: most companies lose 80% of potential sales from leads due to lack of follow-up.

Emergency procedure; improve your follow-up system. You could be landing five new customers a day, not just one. Or 50 instead of ten. It doesn’t have to be a perfect follow-up system for you to double your revenue.

How can you improve your conversion rates? Find out >>

3. Sales

Use every sale as the stepping-stone to the next one and the one after that. Up-selling and cross-selling can easily double or triple the amount you make from a client. Yet most businesses leave these profits on the table. Is that what you’re doing?

How can you improve your up-sell and cross-sell? Find out >>

Business owners who learn how to market efficiently now will not only survive the recession; they’ll be way ahead of the competition when it’s over. They will be the winners in this economy and the next one.

You’re in the pilot’s seat. You can’t sit back and wait for the economy to improve; you’ve got to take action. But don’t panic. Discover how to make your business marketing efficient and stay in the air. When you do you’ll be able to smooth out the bumpy ride you’ve been experiencing and enjoy the trip.

Ready to be a winner with your marketing?>>

– Charlie

P.S. Can you really afford to keep marketing the way you are now? Want to avoid watching your business crash? Improve the efficiency of your business marketing and you’ll instantly get more leads, more sales and more profits.

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2 Simple Marketing Strategies To Grow In a Down Economy

By Charlie Cook   |   February 9, 2009

Is marketing your business in this economy more of a challenge than ever? Has it gotten harder for you to generate leads, close sales and meet your profit goals? Are you worried that it’s going to get harder in the year ahead? You’re not alone.

No question that the recession has focused our attention. Small business owners like you are looking hard at their marketing strategies and wondering what to do next.

Here are two simple marketing strategies to make your marketing rise to the challenge. Maximize your marketing and you can continue to profit in this economy.

1. Get The Most For Every Dollar You Spend
There I go again, stating the obvious. But too many business owners are resigned to poor returns on their marketing dollars. Don’t be one of them.

Almost every fall, my wife and I drive over the mountain from our Vermont vacation home to a family-owned orchard in Monkton to pick apples. We enjoy choosing different varieties for cooking and eating — and nothing beats the crisp taste of an apple right off the tree.

It’s easy picking, too; the trees typically are heavily laden with apples. The family that works the orchard has been pruning, grafting, and fertilizing so that every branch bears as much fruit as possible so they can maximize their profits.

The same is true with your marketing. You want each of your marketing activities to bear good fruit. Are your ads, mailings and website generating the maximum number of leads and sales? Or are they more like an apple tree, with only one or two apples on it.

Typically, small business owners spend plenty of money on marketing but get only a fraction of the business they could from it.  Look at your website, for example.

– How many visitors do you get per day?
– How many of those visitors contact you?

If the number is anything less than 10%, you’re not getting the results you should from the money you’re spending.

Want to get more return for each dollar you spend on marketing?

Start here >>

2. Take Every Dollar Off The Table
After months of looking for a new bed, my wife and I finally agreed on a cherry bed frame from a craftsman in Maine. When my wife called to place the order, the savvy sales person asked her if we also wanted matching nightstands. He showed her several styles that would complement the bed, explained how easy it is to customize them, and offered free shipping on all the pieces if we decided within a week.

We hadn’t planned to buy night tables, but the logic of getting furniture that matched and the discount persuaded us.

Are you being as smart as this furniture sales person?

Once you have a client ready to make a purchase, they’ve already crossed the purchasing threshold. If you have more than one product or service, this is a good time to sell them more. You can increase the amount you make from each sale by 30% with an effective up-sell or cross-sell strategy.

And that’s only the beginning. With the right follow up marketing strategy, you can get your loyal clients to buy from you again and again.

The goal is to help your clients get not just the product or service they initially asked about but the best complement of products or services you provide. In doing so, you’ll maximize the value of each of your clients. You’ll make 30% to 100% more from each client.

Imagine you were in a meeting with a client and they put $1,300 hundred dollars on the table – money they had available to buy your products or services. Would you take $800 and walk away from the rest? Of course not, but that is what most business owners do every day by not optimizing their cross-sell, up-sell and follow-up strategies.

Want to find out how to take every dollar off the table?
Use this strategy >>

P.S. Every week I talk to small business owners who are struggling in this economy but haven’t bothered to optimize their marketing to get the most out of every dollar. And they’re leaving money on the table with existing clients.  Are you one of these people?

Find out how to grow your business in this economy >>

P.P.S. Are you one of the few who are succeeding in these tough times? I bet you could be making more. Find out how >>

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What’s the #1 Profit Strategy For You?

By Charlie Cook   |   January 27, 2009

Why is it that some entrepreneurs and business owners seem unstoppable, steadily growing their businesses and assets, while others struggle to stay profitable?

Some people have a clear idea of where to focus their marketing and know which marketing activities bring in the bacon and which are just excess fat. The result, successful business owners spend less on marketing and make up to ten times more than their competitors.

I want you to be one of the top ten percent of business owners, one of the people in the winner’s circle. And here’s how you can find out the answers to put your business on the fast track to make an additional $100,000 this year.

Today my Marketing MasterMind Program opens to applications from all of my subscribers and from the general public. As a member I’ll help you discover the #1 wealth-building strategy for you.

Want In?

Use this URL >>

Should You Join?

1. Do you push yourself and your employees to improve every aspect of your business?

2. Are you actively creating new opportunities for success?

3. Do you use your mistakes to create new ways of working?

4. Are you aware of your biggest business marketing weaknesses?

5. Are you currently working with experts who can help you take your business to the next level? If not, are you seeking the help you need to grow your business?

Does this sound like you?

If so, you’d be perfect fit for the MasterMind Program. You are someone ready to really go for it. I’m betting you’re up for the challenge.

If you want expert advice to show you what works, and hold you accountable for getting it done and getting it right, then use the following link to discover if you can get what you want.


P.S. You’re don’t have to do it alone. But you do have to take action now to get in and get answers >>

P.P.S. Space won’t be available for long. So join today.

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