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When A Dream Comes True

By Iman Aghay   |   October 28, 2014

We always talk about the systems and strategies but it’s nice to point to some success stories once in a while.

Here is a success story of an entrepreneur who started a business because of his back injury and it turned into a huge success.


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High Impact Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

By Iman Aghay   |   October 27, 2014

Do you want to learn strategies on how to market your business effectively on a shoestring budget?

Listen to the first episode of Marketing Experts Cafe and find how.
Marketing Experts Cafe is a daily show, on blog talk radio at noon (PST)/3pm (EST) that you can call and ask your questions from world class marketer Iman Aghay and the member of Marketing For Success team.

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Who Is Responsible In A Virtual Company…

By Charlie Cook   |   December 5, 2012

Ever have stuff fall through the cracks, meetings missed and follow through not there, or see fellow staff members make the same mistake over and over?

It happens all the time in virtual companies.

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When Firing An Employee Is The Right Thing To Do…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 28, 2012

Ever have an employee who, no matter what you tried, just couldn’t get it right, and in effect was undermining your business and your profits?

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The #1 Way to Grow Your Business Faster, Better and Smarter

By Charlie Cook   |   October 16, 2012

How can you prosper in this economy?

The simple success secret is to look at your habits and change or modify them.


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Which Stage Are You At With Your Business?

By Charlie Cook   |   October 2, 2012

How can you THRIVE in this economy?

The answer depends on which stage your business is at.

Make sense?

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Same Clients, More Profits – Here’s How…

By Charlie Cook   |   August 28, 2012

Eric, a friend of mine, grew up on an island off the coast of Maine.

His father ran the local inter-island ferry and Eric was always looking for ways to earn some cash and the influx of summer people… Read More »

7 Qualities of Highly Successful Business Owners

By Charlie Cook   |   August 9, 2012

What’s the difference between you and the uber successful?

Here in Greenwich Connecticut, we have more than our share of the super rich. People who make literally billions a year, live in 10,000 square foot homes, have Monets and Picassos in their living room or can afford to drop 4-5 million on a new boat, spare house to renovate, or whatever… Read More »

Are You Okay With This Lie?

By Charlie Cook   |   July 17, 2012

What’s the one thing that holds most small business owners back?

It’s something you’re doing and can easily fix.

Let me explain.

This week, at lunch, I stopped by my local optical shop here in Old Greenwich, CT. Read More »

Thank You For All You Do

By Charlie Cook   |   June 1, 2012

Small business owners are under appreciated.

You spend more hours at work than the average person spends awake. You miss your kid’s and grandkid’s school functions, bypass beautiful days on the golf course with your buddies and rarely eat a home cooked meal between travel and meetings. Read More »