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Email Marketing

How to Profit from Email Marketing

By Charlie Cook   |   September 5, 2012

What’s the fastest way to reach a huge audience for free so that you can grow your business…this month?

The simple answer may surprise you.

A few months ago, I decided to switch up my workout routine… Read More »

The Secret Weapon To Boost Your Email Marketing

By Charlie Cook   |   June 28, 2012

Over the years I’ve tested tons of online tools and services to help me grow my business.

And a while ago I found one that has done just that, for over ten years now.

It’s helped me bring in well over… Read More »

7 Steps To Selling More With Email Marketing

By Charlie Cook   |   June 24, 2012

Just because you get hundreds of boring, or irrelevant emails each day, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done right.

Just this week, my partner sent out an email I wrote to his list of 2000 and it generated 3 new clients worth $54,000 worth of business for the next 12 months..

Find out how you can do the same… Read More »

The Simple Way to Increase Sales by 500%

By Charlie Cook   |   June 7, 2012

Did you know that lack of followup results in a loss of 80% of your potential sales?

That’s right, simply by following up consistently with prospects, you could convert another 80%, making five times as much as you are now.

And one of the easiest ways to followup… Read More »

5 Steps to Take Your Email Subscriber List from Nominal to Phenomenal

By Charlie Cook   |   May 24, 2012

What’s the fastest and lowest cost way to trigger a flood of sales?

I’m sure by now you’re more than familiar with the idea of email marketing, regularly sending out great content like this, to your prospects to help them get to know you, like you and trust you.

But what’s the number one problem every business owner faces? Read More »

3 Email Copywriting Tips for Business Owners

By Charlie Cook   |   May 14, 2012

I typically get 75 to 100 emails a day, so cleaning my inbox out is like flipping through the channel guide on cable tv. If an email doesn’t catch my attention, it’s skipped over without another thought.

If the sender is someone I don’t know and the subject is about something… Read More »

Steal This Idea to Get More Repeat Sales

By Charlie Cook   |   December 14, 2011

If you sell online with your website, you know that once you have a customer, the real money is in helping that customer find more ways to spend money with you, over and over.

And most savvy online businesses have an upsell sequence built into their purchase process, which is great. But what happens once… Read More »

The Surefire Way to Get Your Emails Read

By Codrut Turcanu   |   August 22, 2011

Writing business emails is not as easy as 1-2-3.

In fact, it is a skill which takes more time, effort, practice and persistence than one can imagine.

You and I both know the importance of… Read More »

Why Your Readers Jump Ship

By Ivana Taylor   |   June 20, 2011

Last Thursday I got a frantic call from a friend. He had launched a subscription membership site a few months ago and was seeing a lot of success. He’d done everything “right”.

He had a solid market niche that he was passionate about and was getting subscribers. But after a few months, he noticed…

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The Fastest Way To Kill Your Email Marketing

By Charlie Cook   |   June 16, 2011

I think I must have contracted with the devil, when I signed up to pay hundreds of dollars a year to my email service.

Despite my best efforts, and being faithful to all the rules about not spamming, it reached a point where every email I sent to my list was getting blocked… Read more >>