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The Simple Way to Increase Sales by 500%

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 7th, 2012

Did you know that lack of followup results in a loss of 80% of your potential sales?

That’s right, simply by following up consistently with prospects, you could convert another 80%, making five times as much as you are now.

And one of the easiest ways to followup… Email Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Salesnot to mention it’s practically free is to use email. But the key is to make sure your emails are opened, read and acted on, which is why I put together these 5 steps, listed below, to help you grow your business.

Take these 5 steps to followup and increase your sales this week:

1) Only send emails to people who give you permission.
Especially in today’s age, most people set their junk and spam filters to automatically discard emails from unknown senders to avoid any chance of getting a virus. So, you can get permission by having them sign up for emails on your website, by engaging past clients or by using any other avenue of having them provide you their email address, thereby getting their permission to contact them. If a customer feels like they have initiated or permitted the contact, they will be more willing to listen to what you have to say.

2) In your email, ask questions that reflect the need for your service or product.
For instance, if you are a plumber, you may want to ask a question such as, “Did you lay awake last night to the sound of drip, drip, drip coming from your bathroom faucet?” Make your reader say, “Why yes I have! I better read on!”

3) Provide your reader value.
If you give your reader information that can help them – free of charge – they will start to see you as an expert and it establishes your credibility with them. If I, as a consumer or potential consumer, know you are willing to provide me information without having to pay for it, I take you as a genuine person who is looking out for my needs…just the type of person I want to do business with.

4) Keep it personal.
Create a relationship with your readers by sharing personal stories and experiences. If they get to know you as a person they will be more likely to think of you when the need for whatever you offer arises. You are creating a friendship of sorts with your reader and friends trust their’ friend’s opinions…and referrals.

5) Give them a call to action.
This is where you direct your reader to your services and/or products. Tell them to contact you or come to your store. If you don’t tell them what to do, they will do nothing.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t used these all along. There are a lot of tips and tricks to email marketing. It seems simple in theory, and sending emails is, but if you want them opened, that is the tricky part.

Ready to put yourself ahead of your competition? You can be sending emails today that bring clients in your door tomorrow!

One Response to “The Simple Way to Increase Sales by 500%”

  1. Leo Salvador Says:

    Great advice Charlie. Your advice are easy to follow and at one point it really makes a difference. More success!

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