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How To Unleash The Potential of Your Company

By Charlie Cook   |   March 10, 2015

success and winning concept - happy business team giving high fiEver feel like you’re herding cats at your company?

You know, where you’ve got clear goals but your staff, your team, all seem to have minds of their own and everyone is going in somewhat different directions?

Six months ago, I hired a new account manager for our growing company, someone who could sell ice to eskimos. I’ll call her Sarah. Read More »

What Santa Knows About Management and You Should Too

By Charlie Cook   |   December 11, 2014

Santa Claus or Father Christmas carrying a sack full of gift wraWhat’s that ringing sound you hear at this time of year? It’s the sound of sales generated by the holiday season and in part, thanks to Santa Claus. Just because he’s plump, doesn’t shave, and dresses all in red, doesn’t mean you should discount his success. Santa is a management expert and you can become one too, if you follow his methods.

What’s that you say? You stopped believing Read More »

The 21 BIG Lies That Limit Us

By Charlie Cook   |   December 2, 2014

Businessman In A Tight Cardboard“Be honest with yourself, and you will find the motivation to do what you advise others to do.” ~Vince Poscente

We all do it, tell ourselves lies to avoid facing the truth and taking action. And while these lies may seem small, they limit what we accomplish and our potential, at work and in our personal lives.

21 common lies we tell ourselves… Read More »

A.D.H.D at Work…And What to Do About It

By Charlie Cook   |   November 13, 2014

Paperwork OverwhelmRecently, I joined a new business where despite the founder’s knowledge, strong relationships with clients, and a huge opportunity, the business was losing more and more money every day. The problem?

According to every symptom, my partner was a classic example of someone with A.D.H.D. Despite a surfeit of motivation he suffered from inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. He’d do things like be in the middle of a key project and then suddenly Read More »

How To Make Success A Habit At Your Business Too…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 11, 2014

Keys, isolated on white background.I was walking to work last Thursday when I had a moment of doubt. I checked my pocket and found that, yes, I had remembered to put my office keys in my pocket. I leave them on the bathroom vanity at the end of each day and load my pockets each morning. And without this simple habit I’d probably show up at work and be locked out a couple times each week.

I got to thinking about all the habits I use and I’ve been teaching my virtual team to use that help us make each day, well most, a success.  Read More »

Apple’s #1 Marketing Secret

By Iman Aghay   |   May 5, 2014

I’ve always been blown away by how Apple stands out from the competition.

I always knew they were using a secret sauce in their marketing message but I never knew what that secret sauce was until… Read More »

Who Is Responsible In A Virtual Company…

By Charlie Cook   |   December 5, 2012

Ever have stuff fall through the cracks, meetings missed and follow through not there, or see fellow staff members make the same mistake over and over?

It happens all the time in virtual companies.

Why?  Read More »

When Hurricane Sandy Comes To Visit…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 2, 2012

Fortunately our home in Rowayton CT was undamaged. Can’t say as much for the house next door, with the tree that fell on their car and went through their roof, or the rest of this usually picturesque town.

Read More »

What You Must Do Today To Succeed In Business and In Life…

By Charlie Cook   |   October 30, 2012

Life is full of barriers but most are incredibly easy to eliminate once you know the secret to overcoming them. And today I’m going to reveal one of the most powerful secrets that could change your life.

Take my 8-mile commute home on I-95 from Greenwich to Rowayton, Connecticut… Read More »

The #1 Way to Grow Your Business Faster, Better and Smarter

By Charlie Cook   |   October 16, 2012

How can you prosper in this economy?

The simple success secret is to look at your habits and change or modify them.


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