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The Ultimate Writers’ Checklist: Use It To Score Your Blog Posts and Articles

By Charlie Cook   |   September 24, 2012

The copy, the emails you send out and the newsletters you mail to clients and prospects are your voice and as such you want people to read them, love the content, be moved by it, share it and respond to it.

What makes good copy? Is the piece you wrote any good? Should you email it or publish it? Read More »

7 Steps to Words That Sell

By Charlie Cook   |   May 20, 2012

It doesn’t matter where you market, ultimately it all comes down to one thing that grabs your prospects attention, keeps it and helps you close the deal. Just one key element!

What I’m talking about is…
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3 Email Copywriting Tips for Business Owners

By Charlie Cook   |   May 14, 2012

I typically get 75 to 100 emails a day, so cleaning my inbox out is like flipping through the channel guide on cable tv. If an email doesn’t catch my attention, it’s skipped over without another thought.

If the sender is someone I don’t know and the subject is about something… Read More »

Which Books I’m Using To Train My New Copywriter

By Charlie Cook   |   May 7, 2012

It’s not flash floods or locusts or other natural disasters that plague most small business owners and keep them from attracting all the clients they want.

It’s the lack of compelling copy – words worth reading.
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Did You Write This…

By Charlie Cook   |   April 3, 2012

It happens every week. You make a promise to yourself that you’re finally going to start writing weekly or monthly posts for your blog, or articles sharing your personal insights.

You know the type of compelling content that gets attention, helps your prospects get to know you… Read More »

The Mark of Lazy Copywriting

By Ryan Healy   |   September 21, 2011

Lazy copywriting is fairly easy to spot.

All you have to do is look for those worn and trite expressions you’ve seen over and over again.

For example, how many times have you seen articles that promise to reveal how to… Read More »

3 Must-Read Copywriting Books

By Ryan Healy   |   July 29, 2011

One of the best ways to learn the craft of copywriting is to read and study classic advertising literature.

The classics are affordable, accessible, and packed with wisdom. And when you buy them, you won’t be …

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The Most Important Key on Your Computer

By Jack Price   |   June 8, 2011

It took me years to discover how to use this computer key properly. It has been critical to my success as a copywriter. I am tempted to keep it a secret.

This computer key is almost universally underutilized and misunderstood. Mastering it will change your life  Read More »

The Copywriting Shortcut That Really Works

By Charlie Cook   |   May 5, 2011

Did you know that writing articles is one of the best ways to make it BIG on the web?!

More leads, more sales, more profits … all from a few well-placed articles!

Years ago, I started using this powerful… Read More »

The Two Paragraph Rule For Direct Mail Copywriting Success

By Jeffrey Dobkin   |   March 7, 2011

If you owned a restaurant, you’d only be as good as your last meal.  If it wasn’t any good, your customer won’t be back.

If you owned a print shop, you’d only be as good as your last job. Deliver poor printing, or deliver late—you’re outta there.     In direct mail, you’re only as good as your… Read More »