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7 Steps to Words That Sell

Author: Charlie Cook   |   May 20th, 2012

It doesn’t matter where you market, ultimately it all comes down to one thing that grabs your prospects attention, keeps it and helps you close the deal. Just one key element!

What I’m talking about is…

To help you get more attention, keep it and sell more just use these 7 proven copywriting steps.

1.  Start with these copywriting masters
It’s not flash floods or locusts or other natural disasters that plague most small business owners and keep them from attracting all the clients they want. […]

2. Overcome writers block by doing this
You’re sitting in front of your computer with a blank screen. The cursor is blinking on an empty document, the clock ticking and nothing’s happening. […]

3. Use this copywriting formula
It took me years to discover how to use this computer key properly. It has been critical to my success as a copywriter. I am tempted to keep it a secret. […]

4. Copy these proven emails, articles and offers
Did you know that writing articles is one of the best ways to make it BIG on the web?! More leads, more sales, more profits … all from a few well-placed articles!

5. Inject more selling into your copy using these 7 surefire tactics
Weave the word, “You” throughout your copy. And if you can get your prospect’s name into the ad or sales letter, you can see conversion rates explode overnight. […]

6. Write a killer headline for your webpage, email and brochure
Learning to write great headlines means more views, more hits, and better search engine results. If you practice this key copywriting skill you’ll soon be producing top-notch, attention-grabbing headlines. […]

7. Put it all together into a bullet proof copywriting system
It happens every week. You make a promise to yourself that you’re finally going to start writing weekly or monthly posts for your blog, or articles sharing your personal insights.. […]

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