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8 Secret Steps To Selling More With Video

By Charlie Cook   |   May 27, 2012

Face it – people read less, and even most of those that do prefer watching a short video. Video, done right, is a great way to get attention, help people get to know you, like you and trust you, and in some cases, even make the sale… Read More »

Is Video Marketing The Fix For Your Business?

By Charlie Cook   |   December 8, 2011

The other night I decided to fix the gears on my wife’s bicycle and found something shocking that could help you with your business.

The gears had been skipping for over a month and I finally decided it was time…  Read More »

Toyota’s Selling Secret

By Charlie Cook   |   August 4, 2011

Bet you can’t start watching this and not see it through to the end.

When Toyota put together this ad, they didn’t mention… Read More »

Our Top Video Ad Pick For The Week

By Charlie Cook   |   June 2, 2011

PC users rejoiced when this ad was released, in defense of their prized computers.

The MAC vs PC commercials were extremely clever. But Laurie McGuinness’ version of PC vs Mac… Read More »

Is Video Marketing the Fix For Your Small Business?

By Charlie Cook   |   September 13, 2010

This past weekend I decided to fix the gears on my wife’s bicycle and found something shocking that could help you with your small business.

The gears had been skipping for over a month and a grey Sunday prompted me to decide it was time to fix her bike so it shifted properly, especially because I was hoping to talk her into a ride in the drizzle.

I like to think that I’m smart enough to fix simple stuff around the house and being an avid cyclist I should know a thing or two about bikes. Read More »

Haven’t Thought (or Shot) a Video? Maybe You Should!

By Kim Sheehan   |   August 7, 2010

Youtube is hot: thousands of videos are uploaded and millions are viewed every day on the video channel. Do you think Youtube is only for bored junior high school kids? It’s not! Many small businesses are creating videos and uploading them to Youtube. Why?

I think it is a combination of the popularity of Youtube and the ease of  using Flip Cams and other small, point-and-shoot cameras. Today, videos don’t even need editing or fancy soundtracks to become popular.

Della Mendenhall, whose family owns the Indianapolis florist Gillespie Florist,  Read More »

Do You Watch TV? Then You Know…

By Charlie Cook   |   April 23, 2010

Do you have a TV?

Then you know the power of video. Put images together with words and it grabs your attention. And if you want to help your prospects get to know you, trust you and want to do business with you, there is nothing better besides a personal call or meeting than a video introduction. But… Read More »

Video Marketing: Over the Top?

By Charlie Cook   |   October 2, 2009

I’m a big fan of using youtube and videos to grab attention, entertain your target market, generate leads and market products and services. And I’m always looking for entertaining small business marketing videos.

Here’s one that came my way. Personally I think it’s over the top, Read More »

Is Your Marketing All Wet?

By Charlie Cook   |   August 21, 2009

Quick before the summer ends, unkink the hose, get leads flowing into your pipeline and power up your marketing. And let me know your thoughts on this video. Or if you think you have a great idea for a funny video ad about small business marketing I can use, add a comment and let me know how to contact you.
– Charlie

Best Video Commercials – So Far

By Charlie Cook   |   August 5, 2008

What’s one of the most effective ways of getting people to your web site and your business? With a great viral video ad, one that your target market will share and help people learn about your products and services.

I just added 5 more videos to the list of the best video commercials. Take a look and let me know if you have a favorite you’d like to see included.

1. Is this ad the answer to the Apple airbook. See this video ad for yourself >>

2. Sometimes exaggeration works to demonstrate your product. Take a look at this video commercial >>

3. What’s the best way to demonstrate your product’s capabilities? Here’s how a good example of how to use fantasy in your viral videos >>

4. It’s all about demonstrating the problem. That’s what this video ad does with humor >>

5. And finally how to use a celebrity in your ads and make it funny too. See this video commercial with an unexpected ending >>

Have more videos you’d like included. Let me know and we’ll review them.

– Charlie
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