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The Single Biggest Lie About Success…

By Brian Tracy   |   November 15, 2010

PinnochioSmallThe Single Biggest Lie About Success…
What’s the one thing that holds almost every emerging business back? What’s the biggest bottleneck to success?
It happens to every business. You start out lean and mean—with just enough staff to get your business going. It may even be just you and your partner—and then you make a sale, and another and another.
Pretty soon your business is growing and you’re breaking even, or even making a profit—when you run into a WALL.
It happens to everybody. You’re working 50 to 60, or more, hours a week and you know that if you just had more time or could clone yourself, you could take your business to the next level.
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The Big Lie
First let me tell you the truth about growing your business. It’s not you that’s holding it back. You’re already working hard. And trying to work harder will only bring in incremental growth. Not the answer if what you want is to double, triple, or quadruple your profits.
The Simple Secret to Success
The simple secret to success is that to scale your business, you need a team. Furthermore, you need to stop being all the players on the team, answering the phone, selling, shipping, and all the other routine administrative tasks involved in keeping your business growing.
I’m sure you already figured it out. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, being the coach for your business, having a team would enable you to scale your business and increase your profits by a huge amount.
…there is one big fat problem that no one talks about.
The Big Fat Problem
Unless you’re independently wealthy or have venture capital, the big problem to growing your business is CASH.
Sure, it would be great to hire on a team to take over all those profit killing administrative tasks you’re wasting your time on, but without the additional sales, how can you hire the team you need?
Hiring on one employee, paying their salary, benefits, and associated payroll expenses is expensive. Hiring on a whole team to do the daily work of running your business would be catastrophic to your cash flow. And with the banks being tight about loans, it’s hard to get the bridge loan you could use.
What’s the solution, the simple way you can hire the team you need to scale your business and minimize your cash outflow?
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The Answer Is The Virtual Workforce
Thanks to the Internet, you can hire a virtual assistant, accountant, bookkeeper, web designer, copywriter, on an ‘as needed’ basis, and pay them at an hourly rate. That way you only pay them what you can afford and then ramp up their hours as your business grows.
It’s an insanely easy way to delegate away all those routine clerical tasks so you can focus on the key tasks that bring in the big money for your business.
What’s The Best Way to Hire Your Virtual Team?
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The potential of every business is only limited by 3 things.
1. Your vision.
2. Your ability to delegate.
3. And your team.
Once you stop trying to be all the players on your team and start being the leader of your business, you can easily scale it up and see your profits soar.
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What’s the one thing that holds almost every emerging business back? What’s the biggest bottleneck to success?

It happens to every business. You start out lean and mean—with just enough staff to get your business going. It may even be just you and your partner—and then you make a sale, and another and another.

Pretty soon your business is growing and you’re breaking even, or even making a profit—when you run into Read More »

What’s Your Perfect Vacation?

By Charlie Cook   |   October 4, 2010

If you could take a week off, what would you do? Would you lie on the beach, go to Disneyworld, fly to Paris, or kick back at a luxury resort in the Caribbean?

Isn’t that what most people think of when they think of the perfect vacation?

Well – maybe – but not me! When my wife and I take 10 days off in the fall we go to Vermont so we can play hard.

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I Never Got the Email…

By Charlie Cook   |   September 28, 2010

I’d sent out the email to my crew, my son, daughter and various spouses – you know the people I’d taken out sailing this summer, but there I was Saturday at Greenwich Point, putting my boat away on my own.

I’d heard a handful of excuses, “I’ve got a bad back,” “I never got the email,” but the end result was the day had come when I needed to pull my sailboat boat out for the winter – and I as doing it by myself. Read More »

Why You Should Outsource Your Blog

By Susan Rice Lincoln   |   September 10, 2010

I would like to talk about why you should consider outsourcing your blog.  Many people will find this concept rather shocking as a blog, by definition, needs to a complete reflection of your personality and ideas.

There are ways to outsource your blogging so that it will not be some manufactured entity devoid of your character.  But before I get to that, let me explain why I believe the benefits of outsourcing your blog: Read More »

Are You a Kingfish or a Bottomfish?

By Charlie Cook   |   September 6, 2010

In the spirit of full disclosure you should know that I like to goof off – to take vacations as often as I can and skip work which is exactly what I was doing two weeks ago with my wife – cycling the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington. We spent our second night at the delightful Kingfish Inn on Orcas Island.

Our room had a perfect view of the bay and the Olympic Mountains along with a porch to sit and admire the view from. The room was spacious, the bed comfortable and the towels big and fluffy. And all we had to do for dinner was stumble downstairs to the packed restaurant where the food was excellent – especially the peach blueberry cobbler. Read More »

How to Select a Social Media Partner

By Susan Rice Lincoln   |   August 24, 2010

How do you pick a person or company to help you outsource your social media?

Your choice of a social media outsourcing partner is crucial.  There are thousands of people out there hawking their wares so you need to be very, very careful whom you select.

Here are seven steps I suggest you go through so that you can find the person (or company) that is a perfect fit for your needs. Read More »

Outsourcing Social Media: 13 Tasks You May Want To Delegate

By Susan Rice Lincoln   |   August 10, 2010

So, you have decided, for whatever reason, that managing your presence on the Social Web is simply too much for you. Before you go out shopping for a supplier to help you with your social media tasks, it is important that you are clear about the type of help/services you need.

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This is 100% Not My Fault…

By Charlie Cook   |   August 10, 2010

I’m writing you today as fair warning…

…because tomorrow, Wednesday, August 11th at midnight, the price to get access to the Outsourcing and Delegation Mastery series of interviews and to discover how to breakthrough to a seven-figure income with your business…

… goes up from the ridiculously low $97 to $197. Read More »

I Will Get Straight To the Point…

By Charlie Cook   |   August 9, 2010

Everyone including me was astounded at the quality of the real world outsourcing and delegation strategies revealed by the ten experts during last week’s TeleSummit on Making More and Working Less.

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How to Make More Time This Week…

By Charlie Cook   |   August 5, 2010

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If I just had another day or two in the week I could get my work done?”

Or have you ever said, “I’ll take care of this tomorrow”, or  “I’ll get around to this later”?

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Wish you had another 10 hours a week to get work done or play golf, and that your to-do list didn’t keep showing the same old items day after day. Read More »