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Why You Should Outsource Your Blog

Author: Susan Rice Lincoln   |   September 10th, 2010

I would like to talk about why you should consider outsourcing your blog.  Many people will find this concept rather shocking as a blog, by definition, needs to a complete reflection of your personality and ideas.

There are ways to outsource your blogging so that it will not be some manufactured entity devoid of your character.  But before I get to that, let me explain why I believe the benefits of outsourcing your blog:

1) A blog is a huge time commitment, the one commodity which is in very short supply for any small business owner or entrepreneuroutsource blog marketing

2) A blog requires excellent writing, something that is very difficult for many people.  Writing is just not a skill that comes naturally to a lot of us, no matter how talented we are in other areas

3) A blog to be successful requires on-going, exciting and original content.  This is a huge commitment and not one that is easy to keep up.

4) A blog, in my opinion, is the hub of your social media program.  A badly executed blog can cancel out all your other well-intentioned efforts on other parts of the Social Web

5) A blog is also the spinal cord of your social media.  What I mean by that is that the content of your blog needs to be extensively and intensively re-purposed and shared throughout the Social Web.  In other words, create a great blog and you have, in effect, created a great social media program

I recently ran a poll on Linkedin asking small business owners what part of their social media program they would most likely to outsource.  45% said they would like to outsource their blog marketing. As important as a blog marketing is for your success online, it is also one of the most difficult tasks.

But there is outsourcing and there is outsourcing.  If you work with a partner to outsource your blog, you need to be sure that you are not just asking a ghost writer to write and post the odd article.  You will want to establish a strategy, identify keywords that are important to your business, establish monthly editorial calendars and have a program for your blog marketing so that you can repurpose your blog content into podcasts, videos, Facebook Fan Page comments and tweets.

What about the question of how to make sure an outsourced blog will really reflect your own voice.  You will need to be sure you are clear about your blog objectives and the content you want to share.  When I work with clients on their blog marketing, I help them establish content ideas for several months ahead.

We often use the free software program Audacity so that the business owner can then record his/her thoughts on a given post topic.   We then make sure that those thoughts are well integrated into the post.  This is a great, quick way to ensure that the blog you have outsourced truly reflects your voice and ideas.


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One Response to “Why You Should Outsource Your Blog”

  1. yoga aksesoris Says:

    Agree with all of your saying. Blogging is natural for some of us but not for everybody.
    I will keep this advise on myu mind.

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