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5 Tips For Blogging Your Business To Success

By Charlie Cook   |   June 10, 2012

Whether you want to improve your search engine ranking or want to improve your relationship with your prospects so they know you, like you and trust you – there is one simple strategy that works, if you do it consistently.

Both Google and your prospects are looking for the same thing. They are looking for… Read More »

Did You Write This…

By Charlie Cook   |   April 3, 2012

It happens every week. You make a promise to yourself that you’re finally going to start writing weekly or monthly posts for your blog, or articles sharing your personal insights.

You know the type of compelling content that gets attention, helps your prospects get to know you… Read More »

The Easiest Way To Get Free Traffic

By Nickolay Lamm   |   February 24, 2012

Most business owners worry about traffic. And typically they worry about the wrong things.

They worry about optimizing their own site, about social media and a host of other nebulous activities. The truth is you can dramatically improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your site just by… Read More »

Four Google Secrets You Need To Know

By Amanda DiSilvestro   |   December 15, 2011

Lately small businesses have been bombarded with strategies and tricks to improve SEO efforts.

As an employee hired solely for SEO reasons, I understand the importance of organic search rankings and the excitement that comes from seeing your company pop up after a Google search. Read More »

5 Fool Proof Ways to Attract More Blog Traffic

By Ivana Taylor   |   July 18, 2011

The best advice I ever got about blogging came from Anita Campbell, publisher of the award winning Small Business Trends with well over 100,000 subscribers.

It came on a day that I was feeling very down. I had been writing posts and… Read More »

10 Quick and Easy Ways To Write More Blog Content

By Ivana Taylor   |   July 8, 2011

So you’ve told yourself you were going to use a marketing strategy that uses blogging and social media to build a loyal customer base.

And soon after, you found out exactly how difficult that would be.

There aren’t nearly… Read More »

How Pro Bloggers Earn Thousands…And You Can Too!

By Charlie Cook   |   May 19, 2011

Wondering what big-time bloggers make?

It’s a lot more than you might think.

In these uncertain times, people who blog professionally are… Read More »

Start Your Blog Today, Make Money Tomorrow!

By Charlie Cook   |   May 12, 2011

Jack Humphrey is well-known as the leader in blogging for dollars. He has taught thousands of people his exact system to bring in major profits from blogging. (He was the blogging expert I interviewed last year for our first Social Media Summit.)

Recently, he released a portion of his revenue numbers from 2010 and let me tell you… Read More »

The Easy Way To Get More Feedback On Your Blog Posts

By Joan Stewart   |   March 23, 2011

Ever feel like you’re talking to yourself at your blog and at social networking sites?

I know I’m not the only one who’s spent hours crafting a message, in the hopes it will pique someone’s curiosity, only to receive nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not a message, not a comment… not even an email telling me what they learned.

If so, try this experiment. It will lead to… Read More »

How To Pick The Perfect Picture For Your Blog

By Charlie Cook   |   February 24, 2011

If you want people to read your small business blog, look at it, and pay attention, you need something that’s going to grab their attention.

You’ve only got a few seconds to make an impact online.

Of course you’ll write a compelling headline. But what next? Read More »