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The Easiest Way To Get Free Traffic

Author: Nickolay Lamm   |   February 24th, 2012

Most business owners worry about traffic. And typically they worry about the wrong things.

They worry about optimizing their own site, about social media and a host of other nebulous activities. The truth is you can dramatically improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your site just by…providing guest posts to popular blogs that resonate with the business you’re in.

Although nobody knows exactly what’s in Google’s search algorithm, one of the most important factors is links. For example, Google “click here” and you’ll see that the first result is the download page for Adobe Reader because many web pages link to the reader through a “click here” hyperlink. This means that if you want to get traffic from the search engines, the more of these links you have the better.

Of course, you also have to make sure that the anchor text of the link (the phrase that is in blue) is a keyword that you want to rank for. Just imagine how much traffic you’d get if you ranked competitively for the phrase: “iPhone 4S”.

Links not only get you traffic from the search engines, but are valuable branding tools.

If, for example, you are one of hundreds of Samantha Smith’s on the web, you can make sure that your website is the first result on Google by getting as many Samantha Smith links as possible.

Or, if you have a police report webpage, which pops up when you search your name, you can push that page down by pushing up other web pages or websites with links that feature your name. How do you get these links?

In the past, it was possible to rank well by getting links from blog comments, forum posts, and article directories. Although these techniques still work, to an extent, the consensus among the search engine optimization community is that now, more than ever, links from quality sources (blogs or websites with useful information and a decent following online) are the most beneficial.

Guest posting, which is one of the easiest ways to obtain links from authoritative websites or blogs, does two things:

1. It generates links to your sites, which you want to rank for your name.

2. Makes you an expert in your field. Articles, which you write for other blogs, will appear on Google when someone searches your name in the search engine.

So, not only will guest posting allow you rank sites which already exist (your personal website or blog, your LinkedIn Profile, your Facebook page) it will create additional content that will rank for your own name and build your brand!

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    Real good styling and also excellent content material , nothing at all otherwise we need :Deborah.

  2. VideoLeadzilla Says:

    Hi. Guest blogging/posting has quite intrigued me and your blog is really amazing that I now understand it works..thanks for this share..

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