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What You Need to Know About Branding…

By Charlie Cook   |   January 30, 2015

Brand Concept Red Marker My wife and I disagree about branding. She got her MFA in graphic design from Yale and I got my degree in marketing from growing companies online and off. And while you may argue with your spouse about replacing the dining room table with a pool table, we argue about branding.

Her viewpoint is Read More »

5 Thanksgiving Branding Tips

By Charlie Cook   |   November 19, 2012

How can you use Thanksgiving to build your brand and grow your business?

Here are 5 ways to attract more clients, build a better brand and make your company stand out – all year long… Read More »

How to Target Your Best Buyers

By Charlie Cook   |   May 15, 2012

Almost everybody in business makes this mistake, costing them millions in lost customers. Yes I’ve made it and I’m sure you have too.

The most common mistake every business owner makes is not focusing their marketing precisely enough on the right buyers. Here’s what typically happens… Read More »

6 Steps To A Better Selling Brand

By Charlie Cook   |   April 29, 2012

How you dress affects how people see you. The same is true with your brand.

Your company name, how you talk about your business and what you share determines whether your prospects want to do business with you. Start with these 6 steps to shape your brand and attract more buyers. Read More »

The Secret to Standing out from the Competition and Stealing their Customers

By Jennifer Benson   |   December 12, 2011

No one knows you from a hole in the wall. Sure, you can always use some connections, but growing your business is still a long slippery slope.

Not too long ago I was in the same boat. I just had a bunch of information that wasn’t particularly helpful to anyone. Then one day it hit me. And I realized that I knew something pretty valuable… Read More »

How You Can Profit From Occupy Wall Street

By Lee Silverstein   |   October 26, 2011

My girlfriend and I traveled to New York (her first visit) last month for vacation.

We arrived on “day 3” of “Occupy Wall Street” and stayed at a hotel three blocks from the group’s “home base.” I had no prior knowledge of the group or their “message” prior to our arrival.

After witnessing their activities in person for six days and via the media since, I still don’t know what their message is. Read More »

How The Wrong Name Can Kill Your Sales…

By Charlie Cook   |   July 26, 2011

A good friend recently had to call it quits and give up on a business that she’d been slaving over and pouring money into for years.

The problem?

It wasn’t her lack of effort – but simply the… Read More »

Favorite Slogans

By Charlie Cook   |   June 29, 2011

Last Friday, I was waiting while my wife picked up our takeout dinner and I noticed a marketing slogan in the window of the local bakery.

It read…  Read More »

What’s In A Name?

By Jeffrey Mayer   |   June 17, 2011

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Disney’?

Movies? Cartoons? Disneyland? The little guy with the soft-pitched voice and red pants?

Most small business owners think they know what branding is… but they’ve usually got it wrong. Brand recognition is the following:

Read More »

Use This Tactic To Get More Leads In 15 Seconds Or Less

By Charlie Cook   |   June 28, 2010

If you live in a small town like mine on the Connecticut coast, you’ll be spending the 4th of July watching fireworks, along with your family and friends and everyone else in town. Why is it that people love fireworks?

Fireworks grab attention with a dazzling display of color and lots of noise. Unlike the sparklers you can hold in your hand, the sound and size of fireworks can’t be ignored. Imagine if your small business marketing was as effective at getting people’s attention! Read More »