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How You Can Profit From Occupy Wall Street

Author: Lee Silverstein   |   October 26th, 2011

My girlfriend and I traveled to New York (her first visit) last month for vacation.

We arrived on “day 3” of “Occupy Wall Street” and stayed at a hotel three blocks from the group’s “home base.” I had no prior knowledge of the group or their “message” prior to our arrival.

After witnessing their activities in person for six days and via the media since, I still don’t know what their message is.“We Want Democracy” read one sign.

“Arrest the Bankers” read another.

“Queer Kids…Kill Your Parents” (uh, what??) another sign stated.

“End the War” was on another sign.

“Pro-Union” on another.

This experience got me thinking. If you are an executive in career transition, have you established a personal brand that clearly states who you are and what you have to offer? Is your resume, Linkedin profile and other social media profiles sending the same message and are they aligned with your personal brand?

While I hope that you can confidently answer “yes” to these questions I have encountered far too many people whose branding message, like the “Occupy-ers”, is vague, at best, and usually doesn’t exist at all. If your resume and Linkedin profile is a regurgitated list of tasks that you were “responsible for” then
you have work to do.

In her book, Social Networking For Career Success, Miriam Salpeter writes about creating your personal brand and states:

“Focusing on what you have to offer while thinking of yourself as a brand should help you define yourself and establish your goals. This is the most important thing a job seeker can do.”

Take out your resume and look at your Linkedin profile (be sure they are not identical!). If they read like a list of accomplishments that you are proud of then you are off to a good start!

If this is not the case then contact me. I can help you get started.

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