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Did You Write This…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   April 3rd, 2012

It happens every week. You make a promise to yourself that you’re finally going to start writing weekly or monthly posts for your blog, or articles sharing your personal insights.

You know the type of compelling content that gets attention, helps your prospects get to know you…

like you and see you as the go-to expert in your niche. It’s the simple strategy that helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and grab their customers right out from under their noses.

But what happens?

Did you actually write this week’s article, blog post or video script?

No, I’m not trying to rub it in, but 99.5% of busy business owners I talk to understand the value of staying in touch with prospects and clients but… they don’t do it.


Because, like you, they’re working full-time – managing their business, working with customers, suppliers and staff – which takes up all of your time.

Think about it.

Do you seriously have the time during the week to lock the door, turn off your phone and shut out every other distraction, so you can have an hour of concentrated time to write the missives you want to attract new prospects, and build better relationships with existing clients?

As I said before 99.5% of business owners are just too busy to do this –which is why, I’ve put my team to the task, to manage, produce and distribute content for you.

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Here’s what you need, whether you do it yourself or we do it for you.

1. A content management plan
2. A writer to produce your compelling content
3. Then you can email it weekly or monthly to your list
4. And we’ll submit it to over 100 channels online to generate massive attention and traffic for your business.

Obviously the biggest barrier to marketing is that most business owners are too busy to do the writing, much less manage distribution of content. Which is why done-for-you services make the most sense or actually are the only way it’s going to get done.

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To your success,


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2 Responses to “Did You Write This…”

  1. DAK Self Storage Says:

    When writing blog posts regularly, I think it’s important to allow for variety in content. A lot of businesses get caught up in the act of pushing marketing agendas, which gets boring for both the writer and reader.

  2. Vitaly Says:

    Dear Charly !
    Sales growth of carbon increases the growth of the destroved
    building is a metal etc.
    Vitaly Shadov.

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