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10 Ways To Get More Web Traffic Today

By Charlie Cook   |   November 9, 2010

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How To Pay Less For Web Traffic…

By Charlie Cook   |   November 8, 2010

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Last week I interviewed eleven of the world’s top web traffic experts to show you exactly how to flood your site with qualified prospects so you can make more money this year.

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How to Optimize Your Blog For the Search Engines

By Jason Lomberg   |   October 6, 2010

One of the primary reasons to operate and maintain a blog about your industry is to gain high search engine rankings to assist you in driving targeted potential customers and clients.

Because blogs are updated on a daily or weekly basis they naturally have an advantage over static Websites or Websites that rarely has content changes or additional content.  Blogs also naturally receive better rankings because blog posts typically include lot of targeted keywords that helps Google rank your blog for specific targeted keyword phrases. Read More »

Why You Should Outsource Your Blog

By Susan Rice Lincoln   |   September 10, 2010

I would like to talk about why you should consider outsourcing your blog.  Many people will find this concept rather shocking as a blog, by definition, needs to a complete reflection of your personality and ideas.

There are ways to outsource your blogging so that it will not be some manufactured entity devoid of your character.  But before I get to that, let me explain why I believe the benefits of outsourcing your blog: Read More »

3 Ways WordPress Makes Life Easier for Small Business Owners

By Debbie Campbell   |   August 11, 2010

WordPress is great for small and medium businesses who want more control over their company website – and the ability to manage it by themselves, without having to resort to calling a web developer every time they want to add some new content. Here are three ways that WordPress makes things easier for SMB owners.

  1. Add new blog posts when you’re on vacation.
    I know – you’re asking: “What’s a vacation?” But if you’re given the opportunity Read More »

Making Your Small Business Website Work Overtime

By Debbie Campbell   |   July 11, 2010

Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook (once primarily the venue of college students, but now a highly effective networking and marketing tool in its own right) are great for small business owners. Twitter lets people get to know you by allowing you to post short 140-character updates – tweets – about what you’re doing, business news, resources you want to share, customer service responses, and more.

Nearly half of social media hits to websites now come from Facebook. With Facebook pages, you can create a mini-version of your business site and build your community of business “fans.”

But who has time to keep up with all of that? Read More »

Don’t Forget To Push the Blog Button

By Susan Rice Lincoln   |   June 10, 2010

In my last post, we discussed the importance of social media’s two magic words: CONTENT and REPURPOSING.

But how does the magic happen in practical terms?  Where is the best place to create your first-rate content and then repurpose it?

The answer is simple.  Its on your blog.

With all the fancy, cool tools available, people often just ignore Read More »

8 Steps to Measuring PPC ROI

By Jason Lomberg   |   June 6, 2010

Are you a small business owner who runs PPC campaigns? Have you spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, and not known if any of your ads have brought in a single sale?

The challenge is maximizing your PPC spend and understanding if your PPC campaigns are truly profitable.  I started this thought process about five years ago when I started asking businesses if their PPC advertising was profitable.  The most common answer that I was received was that their PPC campaigns (typically Google Adwords) were generating targeted leads and sales but they were not sure if the ads were actually showing a profit.  Read More »

The Social Media 3 Step Marketing Formula

By Charlie Cook   |   June 1, 2010

Are you tired of hearing all the buzz about social media and still wondering how to put it to use to attract more clients and grow your business?

The concept is simple – social media is the digital version of the conversation that used to happen around the watering hole, water cooler, local pub or at church socials – the conversations that now happen mostly online.

The problem is that unlike face-to-face conversation, where you get immediate feedback, in the digital social media world, it can be hard to know whether anyone is listening, much less whether you’re sharing the content your prospects and clients want to read and respond to. Read More »

The #1 Way to Build Your Business Online

By Charlie Cook   |   April 21, 2010

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