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The #1 Way to Build Your Business Online

Author: Charlie Cook   |   April 21st, 2010

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Every week I get questions from struggling entrepreneurs and business owners, smart people who want to know one thing. They want to know what’s the best wayblog marketing to generate leads and attract buyers using their websites.

How about you? Do you have a website?

Want to know the number one way to generate more leads, establish your credibility, help people get to know you, trust you and want to buy from you?

The simple answer is with your blog.

My blog brings in the majority of the traffic to my site, attracting thousands of visitors a day, and helping me grow my profits each year, in spite of this turbulent economy, and your blog can do the same for you.

But the big questions are: how should you set up your blog, what you post on it, how can you use it attract prospects like a magnet.

Just adding a blog to your site is a step in the right direction but I want to make sure you understand how to leverage it to skyrocket your business and to monetize all the traffic you’ll be getting.

Which is why I’ve persuaded two of the top experts on blogging to join me today and reveal their top money-making secrets.

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If You Have A Web Site –
You need to hear what Ryan Healy and Jack Humphrey, two of the top blogging experts in the country, have to say about adding and using your blog.

Blogging Expert #1 – Jack Humprhey
How To Use Blogging To Attract Your Ideal Clients To Grow Your Business

In 10 years, Jack was responsible for attracting over a billion visitors to his personal websites and those of his clients. Let me repeat that – over one billion visitors. Not to mention Jack has been online since 1991, is the author of the popular book, “Power Linking.”

Don’t miss this call when Jack reveals:

•    What adding a blog to your marketing mix can do for your profits
•    Even if you hate writing, here’s how you should incorporate a blog to reap its advantages
•    How insiders are using blog software to get the benefits of top search rankings and social networking (Boosts traffic and increases profits)
•    How to identify top blogs in each niche of marketing
•    The hottest topics to blog about
•    The top ways to use your blog to attract prospects to your site and build traffic
•    What you should know about free blog services before you try them
•    The most common blogging mistakes that could cost you hundreds of hits in traffic and how to avoid them
•    Jack’s top 3 blogging tactics you should implement immediately to substantially grow your business this year.

Blogging Expert #2 – Ryan Healy
The Secrets To Building A Killer Blog That Brands You and Turns Visitors Into Profits

Ryan is a highly sought after copywriter who knows what it takes to get attention with your posts and how to convert that attention into new clients.

Make sure to listen in as Ryan reveals:

•    Why building a blog is the single-fastest way to build up a fan base and loyal customer base
•    How to leverage your blog into tons of free Google traffic! (Get thousands of dollars in advertising without paying for it!)
•    How to discover the secret wants, wishes and needs of your customer base by using your blog
•    The secret to using your blog to develop potentially lucrative deals
•    The simple steps to turning random visitors into profits
•    Three ways you can create action-provoking content that keeps people coming back for more
•    How often you should post to your blog
•    The only blog software you need to get started, and which blog platforms to avoid no matter what else you do
•    The 6 essential blog plug-ins that are must haves and why you should use them
•    The secret to making your blog a profit-producing success

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Today’s Call Schedule

Jack Humphrey
WHEN: TODAY (Wednesday April 21st)
TIME: 11:00 AM (EST)
WHAT: Secrets of Building a Killer Blog that Brands You & Turns Visitors into Profits

Ryan Healy
WHEN: TODAY (Wednesday April 21st)
TIME: 4:00 PM (EST)
WHAT: Reveals How to Use Blog Marketing to Attract More Prospects to Your Business

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