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By Charlie Cook   |   March 3, 2010

This blog ranked 6th out of the top 12 marketing blogs. And while I’m delighted to be near the top, I’m eager to know what you’d like to see featured here, what type of marketing information, resources, ideas and marketing strategies would get your attention and push us to the top.

Please include your comments and suggestions. For the full list of top marketing blogs and reason blogs publish lists like this… Read More »

Google Adwords Dating Rules

By Bob Dumouchel   |   January 20, 2010

Google Adwords with her seemingly targeted traffic, easygoing daily budgets, and conservative broad matching makes you think you have found the perfect solution to your marketing needs.

Then as you get to know each other and start to build what you think is a trust-based relationship, she slowly goes completely crazy. Like bad movie psycho girlfriend crazy. Make a wrong move and she’ll set your wallet on fire with bad content network traffic, ridiculously liberal extended broad matching, and possibly throw all your clothes out the window onto the lawn because she caught you messing around with Yahoo Search Marketing or Bing. If you catch her talking about how she wants to optimize or automate your relationship grab your wallet and run for your life! Read More »

Social Media Works For Dell – Will It Work For You?

By Charlie Cook   |   January 8, 2010

I have to admit I’ve been a skeptic of social media. Every time I hear someone talk about spending an hour a day managing a Twitter account, Facebook or any other of the social media sites, I cringe.

For the most part it seems like just one more distraction for small business owners who already wear too many hats and are challenged to stay focused on their marketing. As a business owner my hands are full already and if I have any extra time I’d rather be biking or skiing. How about you? Read More »

SEO vs. PPC: Make Sure Your Site Shows Up

By Bob Dumouchel   |   December 24, 2009

For your small business marketing you need to understand the tools and pick the right one for the right job at the right time.  You cannot effectively compete without at least considering all the marketing channels and that certainly includes both SEO and PPC.

The issue is not “Either Or.” It is about the balance, frequency, and audience.

If you have a web site you need to consider playing on both sides of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). As people debate the issue of SEO and PPC I hear some very interesting statements and my absolute favorite is “I never click on the ads.” The reason it is my favorite is it is so blatantly absurd.  Read More »

The Simple Formula For Getting Results With Your Blog

By Richard Kline   |   December 10, 2009

Your blog is the easiest way to add content to your site, attract interest and build  your traffic but… to get results involves more than just adding posts. To get the search engines to take notice, and get top placement you need to make sure to take the following 5 steps each time you add a post to your blog.

Here’s the simple formula for using  your blog to improve your SEO and attract more readers and more business. Read More »

Full Disclosure About Blog Recommendations

By Charlie Cook   |   November 3, 2009

Every smart entrepreneur and small business owner knows it. You know that what you read in a blog is someone’s best ideas and that they’re sharing their opinions with you. And you know that most people who have a blog are doing it in order to Read More »

Google Adwords Mistake. Are you paying to go nowhere?

By Charlie Cook   |   September 16, 2009

I’ve been clicking through the google adwords for a recent project and every 10th ad or so Don't Make This Google Adwords MistakeI run into the same problem. I see an ad I like. I click on it to view the service providers’ website and get a not found page.

How dumb is that? People paying for clicks on their google ads and then losing their prospects by Read More »

The Google Adwords Hoax or the #1 Web Site Marketing Money Waster

By Charlie Cook   |   April 26, 2007

Do Google Adwords work?

The answer is yes and no. Google’s elegant Adwords system makes it easy to set up and test ads but most web site owners never make a profit from their ads. For most people Google Adwords are the number one website marketing money waster.


Once a prospect clicks on your Google Adwords ad, they’re linked to your site. Then what happens? In most cases a whole lot of nothing. They visit your site or your landing page and then they leave. They leave without buying anything or even leaving you their contact information.

The result of your Google Adwords campaign? For most people, it’s another advertising black hole. A whole lot of money goes into it and it doesn’t generate much in the way of business. That’s not to say it can’t work.

I have one web site marketing client that relies primarily on Google Adwords to generate leads and sales. And their business is booming. But it costs them plenty, more than most people realize to generate a lead. When I first started working with them their per lead cost was over $75 dollars.

That’s right they were paying for more than $75 worth of Google Ads just to get one person to fill in their opt-in form on their site. Now, they’re absolutely delighted that I’ve helped them reduce it to less than $25 per lead. Why does this work for them? Google Adwords works for them because they close enough of their leads to make a huge profit.

Will Google Adwords work for you? To make them work you need to determine your per lead costs, conversion rates and the value of a new client. If it’s less then you’re paying for your Google Ads, then you need to either stop or discover how to increase your conversion rates so a higher percent of visitors to your site or landing page become buyers.

Don’t be hoodwinked by this website marketing hoax. Don’t assume Google Ads will automatically start bringing in business. They won’t – unless you know how to convert site visitors into highly profitable clients.

– Charlie Cook
Web Site Marketing That Gets Results

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How Do You Know If Your Marketing Blog Is Working?

By Charlie Cook   |   April 11, 2007

If you have a blog and are regularly writing posts you want your efforts to generate results. Right? How can you tell if your blog is working?

A well planned and well written blog should do the following for your small business marketing. It should generate:

– Interest in your products and services
– Position you as the expert
– Familiarity and trust
– Virtual relationships with prospects
– Qualified leads
– Sales

If your blog isn’t doing this for your business – your missing some of the basic steps involved in using your blog to enhance your small business marketing. First start by writing about topics that wil attract your prospects like a magnet. Then give them straight no B.S. advice that they can take to the bank.

Do this and they’ll want to read every blog post and they’ll subscribe to your blog RSS feed and you’ll have their attention and their loyalty – two big steps towards converting them to customers and clients.
– Charlie
Small Business Marketing That Generates Sales

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Most Marketing Is Schizoid and Blogs Are One Way To Make It More Normal

By Charlie Cook   |   March 30, 2007

Why should you take a few minutes a day to write a blog and will it help you market your business?

Take a look at your marketing materials. Do they grab your prospects’ attention and make then laugh or cry? On the scale of dry and boring versus engaging and entertaining an insurance application form would be on the dry and boring side and what one of your impassioned colleagues shouts when he is throwing his coffee cup across the room is on the engaging and entertaining end of the spectrum.

The norm around marketing is that it’s supposed to be dry and “professional”. The result is that most small business marketing is boring as dirt. With blogs, the norm is still being defined. It’s acceptable to include opinions, rants, ideas, commentary and personal stories. The result, many blogs are attention grabbers, interesting and fun to read.

Blogs provide an accepted vehicle for you to make your marketing more personal, more direct and let people see your ideas and personality. Of course you might want to keep your wildest ideas and thoughts to yourself.

Why is this type of communication good for business?

Blogs give people and companies a chance to break out of an out-moded boring model of marketing and market and be more engaging, conversational and personal.

Whether you sell to small or large companies, the end buyer is just another person, someone like you. When they get to know you as a person, a person full of ideas, expertise and passion, they’ll be more likely to relate to you and to want to do business with you.

And then there is the added plus, that Blogs are easy to use and you can publish your ideas instantly without having to build or load a new page to your web site.

Want more prospects and clients to know you, trust you, understand how you can help and keep you front of mind?

Start blogging!

– Charlie

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