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The Social Media 3 Step Marketing Formula

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 1st, 2010

Are you tired of hearing all the buzz about social media and still wondering how to put it to use to attract more clients and grow your business?

The concept is simple – social media is the digital version of the conversation that used to happen around the watering hole, water cooler, local pub or at church socials – the conversations that now happen mostly online.

The problem is that unlike face-to-face conversation, where you get immediate feedback, in the digital social media world, it can be hard to know whether anyone is listening, much less whether you’re sharing the content your prospects and clients want to read and respond to.

With all the social media tools out there it can be confusing. Want to know how to get started?social media formula

Here’s a simple three-step formula.

1. Start by posting articles, like this one, on your blog. These articles should feature your area of expertise. If you’re looking for ideas, check out your competitors’ blogs by searching Technorati.

2. Add the Retweet plug-in to your blog and see which blog posts get the most retweets. Every time someone retweets one of your blog posts, they’re doing your marketing for you, spreading the word for free. Pay attention to the posts that get the most retweets and write more of the same type.

3. Sign up for Postrank and add it to your blog software. Over 80% of social media sharing happens outside of your blog and Postrank gives you the tool you need to see which ideas are triggering conversations elsewhere around the Internet so you can engage in them and follow up.

That’s it.

Three simple steps to a solid, measurable social media strategy you can use to grow your business.

Of course there’s more you can do to cash in on social media marketing and dominate your market.

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P.S. Know anyone in your family, office or neighborhood who likes to share gossip. Social networks are a powerful – in most companies and neighborhoods it’s how news travels. And you can tap social media to enlist tens of thousands of people around the world to tell their friends about your products and services, practically for free.

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