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Don’t Forget To Push the Blog Button

Author: Susan Rice Lincoln   |   June 10th, 2010

In my last post, we discussed the importance of social media’s two magic words: CONTENT and REPURPOSING.

But how does the magic happen in practical terms?  Where is the best place to create your first-rate content and then repurpose it?

The answer is simple.  Its on your blog.

With all the fancy, cool tools available, people often just ignore the plain blog. Turning your back on your blog (or never creating one to begin with!) is one of the biggest mistakes I see small blog marketingbusinesses make.

There is no better delivery system for content than a blog.  A blog is like a canvas; you can enter into conversations with consumers, test out ideas and products, and establish yourself as the definitive thought leader in your industry.

Once you have your blog ticking along (you should be creating at least three blog posts a week), you can then repurpose your content, sharing all that you have painstakingly written with your Social Web. Simply put, your blog is the launching pad to your social media success.

Here are some practical ideas about how you can repurpose your blog’s content:

1. Make sure your blog posts appear on your Facebook Fan page.  You can either link them directly using  or re-write them as comments/discussions and then post them.  Doing this will ensure you have fresh content on your Facebook Fan page at least three times a week.

2. Make sure you share your blog posts with your Twitter followers.  But don’t just tweet a link to your post. Go farther.   Extract a surprising statistic, controversial fact, provocative question or fresh quote from your post and Tweet that tidbit along with a link to your blog.  In that way, one blog post can provide you with several Tweets.

3. Share your blog posts (or parts of your blog posts) in your Linkedin Groups.  Be sure that you are signed up to 50 LinkedIn groups for maximum exposure.  Share a part of your post with a link to the full blog post in the Discussion area of your group.  If the reader is interested, they can click on the link you have provided and go read the full post.  Not only will you increase traffic to your blog but you will rapidly build your reputation throughout the LinkedIn network.

4. Repurpose your blog into an article (or articles).  Depending on how long your blog post is, you will want to perhaps re-write it slightly or slice it up into several different articles before you submit it to various article directories.At the end of your article, you will include a small box complete with a link to your site, your name and a brief description of what you do.

The most famous directory is ezine so don’t miss that one.  Articles are a classic but incredibly efficient way of establishing your personal brand. People looking for content on the web will post your article on their websites or ezines. Every time someone reads your article, they will also see your box with your information and link on it.

5. Consider submitting your blog posts to print publications ranging from newspapers to association newsletters to magazines.  Never underestimate the power of using online and offline media simultaneously.

6. Create a podcast. Record your blog post into a digital recorder or directly into your computer.  To do this, you will need a basic microphone and recording software. ( I use a free software called Audacity which can be found at ) Once recorded, you can post your podcast throughout all the major podcast directories.  You can also post the recordings on your blog or website or put them onto CDs and send them to prospects.

7. Create an online video using the audio you just recorded for your podcast. Integrate Powerpoint slides are still images with the audio to create a video. Another way to create a video is to record yourself reading some of your favorite posts.  This is really easy with a Flip camcorder.The beauty of the Flip is that it has a built-in USB key; once you have recorded your video, you just plug the USB into your computer and upload the video.   You can distribute your video on an array of video sharing sites by using


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