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How to Make More Time This Week…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   August 5th, 2010

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If I just had another day or two in the week I could get my work done?”

Or have you ever said, “I’ll take care of this tomorrow”, or  “I’ll get around to this later”?

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Wish you had another 10 hours a week to get work done or play golf, and that your to-do list didn’t keep showing the same old items day after day.

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As a marketing coach, I can share all the ideas in the world with you but if you don’t make time or keep putting off using the ideas I share, you won’t get a single cent of benefit and you won’t see your business grow like it should.

Which is why today, I’ve saved two of my most inspiring experts for last. Dial in today and find out how easy it is to get at least 25% more done in a week and have more time to enjoy life too.

Listen in to:

Dave Crenshaw

“How To Stop Working So Hard and Get 30% More Done”

Rita Emmett

“The Easy Way To Overcome Procrastination, Be Ultra-Productive and Get At Least Twice As Much Done In A Day”


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