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Outsourcing Social Media: 13 Tasks You May Want To Delegate

Author: Susan Rice Lincoln   |   August 10th, 2010

So, you have decided, for whatever reason, that managing your presence on the Social Web is simply too much for you. Before you go out shopping for a supplier to help you with your social media tasks, it is important that you are clear about the type of help/services you need.

Listed below are a variety of tasks you may want to delegate:

  • The establishment of a social media strategysocial media outsourcing
  • The creation of your profile
  • The design of a branding look which will be consistent across the Social Web
  • The setting up of specific accounts (Face book Fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • The linking of your accounts through tools like Hoot suite
  • The basic management of your profiles (i.e. following/unfollowing on Twitter, cleaning up spam, answering simple messages)
  • The construction of your blog
  • The creation of content
    • Posts for your blog
    • Tweets/Retweets for your Twitter account
    • Daily postings on Face book
    • Comments on LinkedIn Groups
    • The creation of videos for YouTube
  • The monitoring of comments about you, your company or your industry
  • Commenting in the social media space (i.e. forums, social networks and blogs)
  • The repurposing of content.  For example, taking a blog post and repurposing into some of the following:
    • Public Relation release
    • Video
    • Articles
    • Podcasts
  • The integration of your social media connections with your website (if separate from your blog).  This means being sure that you have links to all your social media connections right on the home page of your web site.
  • The integration of your social media with all of your other marketing activities both on and offline

You can obviously pick and choose from this menu of possible tasks depending on the budget you have, sharing the tasks with the person or company you are working with. The goal is to create a robust social media presence with legs.  Always remember to squeeze as much mileage out of every single piece of content that is created-whether it is by you or someone else.


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