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I Never Got the Email…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   September 28th, 2010

I’d sent out the email to my crew, my son, daughter and various spouses – you know the people I’d taken out sailing this summer, but there I was Saturday at Greenwich Point, putting my boat away on my own.

I’d heard a handful of excuses, “I’ve got a bad back,” “I never got the email,” but the end result was the day had come when I needed to pull my sailboat boat out for the winter – and I as doing it by myself.

Now in case you don’t know, I own a sailboat, a trimaran (3 hulls) which is 24 feet long and, get this, 17 feet wide. And if that’s not enough, it’s got a mast that’s over 33 feet tall. The whole rig weighs F-24in at slightly over a ton.

So there I was last Saturday and all I kept hearing from the dockmaster and fellow sailors, was, “I can’t believe you can do that all by yourself.”

A helping hand would have been good company, but the truth was that the boat is designed with a few simple systems so that one person can fold the boat up and lower the mast.

I’ll admit there was a moment when I was steering the boat onto the trailer at the launching ramp, and then had to run to the bow of the boat, jump off onto the trailer and catch the boat that required some quick action, but it all was easily doable.

As I was taking down the mast in the parking lot, and packing the boat up, other sailors were doing the same, hauling their boats out for the season. The difference was that they needed a team of 3-4 to do what I was doing just as quickly on my own.

Here’s a link to what the launch sequence looks like:

The point is that by using a few simple systems to help you do the heavy lifting, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish on your own or with just a little bit of help.

Using a wrench and a winch (I didn’t have a winch) and our standard size Audi station wagon, I transformed our 17 foot wide boat into a 8 foot wide package that I towed home for winter storage.

And I do the same thing with my business, apply simple systems to minimize the amount of work involved, and maximize the amount of heavy lifting I and each member of my staff accomplish to keep the business growing.

Which is exactly what you can do – apply simple systems to extend your marketing reach, to generate more leads, to follow up with prospects and close more sales.

And to make it easy for you, I’ve detailed all you need to know about using the web to automate your sales in ‘Creating Web Sites That Sell’.

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–  Charlie

P.S. The key to putting my boat away by myself was in leverage. Using simple winches to get heavy tasks done easily and quickly. The same is true in business. The key to leveraging your expertise is to use simple systems to market and grow your business.

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