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Are The Best Ads Politically Incorrect?

By Charlie Cook   |   July 31, 2008

Recently I was reviewing ads to see if I could find more great ones to ad to video ads. As I perused them I kept finding ones that made me laugh but “objectified women” were racist or in some way offended someone. Of course that’s why they were funny and got hundreds of thousands of views.

Am I right?

Are the funniest and most watched ads politically incorrect?

What do you think?

– Charlie
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How to Increase Sales by 500%

By Charlie Cook   |   June 27, 2008

Sometimes marketing your business can be fun.
One company executive wandered into his testing lab and decided to bring in a film crew to document how his products were tested with a dash of humor.

The result? A series of videos that are getting millions of views on YouTube and have increased sales by 500%.

Take a look at their most popular video >
And then come up with one you can use to market your business and see your sales soar with viral marketing.

– Charlie
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Your Ideas On the Best Equipment and Software for Making Videos?

By Charlie Cook   |   July 27, 2007

I hired a professional to make my promotional marketing video ideas and in response I’ve been getting lots of questions about:

– What equipment is best to get (what model camera, etc.)
– What software is needed to load the videos on to a web page or onto youtube

Since I didn’t make or load mine, in this case I don’t have the answers. Your ideas? Add a comment below?

– Charlie
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7 Reasons Most Video Commercials Are a Waste of Money and Where to Find the Best Video Ads

By Charlie Cook   |   July 17, 2007

How many TV commercials and ads actually work?

You’re watching TV, one of those channels that still have ads and the commercial break starts. When it ends how many caught your interest and do you remember the products they were promoting?

Most TV ads are a waste of money. They:

– Are totally forgettable,
– Don’t define grab your attention,
– Use humor but aren’t funny,
– Forget to clarify the problem the product or service solves,
– Neglect to feature the products benefits,
– Miss including the call to action,
– Suffer from poor copywriting.

And now it’s easier than ever for anyone to put up a low-cost video online as part of their small business marketing strategy. Yikes! Will we see a proliferation of the same type of lousy video commercials that businesses pay good money to have run on TV?

I hope not! To get you headed in the right direction I’ve posted a selection of the best TV ads and commercials
I could find. You can view them at

– Charlie
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