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Are The Best Ads Politically Incorrect?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 31st, 2008

Recently I was reviewing ads to see if I could find more great ones to ad to video ads. As I perused them I kept finding ones that made me laugh but “objectified women” were racist or in some way offended someone. Of course that’s why they were funny and got hundreds of thousands of views.

Am I right?

Are the funniest and most watched ads politically incorrect?

What do you think?

– Charlie
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One Response to “Are The Best Ads Politically Incorrect?”

  1. Beth Sowell Says:

    You know I’d have to agree that the non-PC ads are the funniest, but I guess I can laugh at myself, and some people just can’t. The magic trick would be to figure out how not to be “over the top” and yet still be funny.

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