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5 Steps to Take Your Email Subscriber List from Nominal to Phenomenal

Author: Charlie Cook   |   May 24th, 2012

What’s the fastest and lowest cost way to trigger a flood of sales?

I’m sure by now you’re more than familiar with the idea of email marketing, regularly sending out great content like this, to your prospects to help them get to know you, like you and trust you.

But what’s the number one problem every business owner faces?Email marketing Sins To AvoidIt’s your list. If you’re only emailing a few hundred people, you’re going to get a limited response, from one or two people – when what you want is dozens or more people contacting you.

In email marketing, what you say matters, but equally important is size, the size of your list. That’s what a client of mine learned.

One day I received a call from a client I had done work for in the past. He sounded absolutely frantic, saying he was ready to pull his hair out. He was a little light up top anyway if you know what I mean, so I knew this was an emergency situation for him.

I asked what the problem was and he said it was his emails. He was doing everything textbook perfect. They were personal, provided valuable information and prompted the potential client to use his services.

His problem? The number of people who had subscribed to receive them was so small that even though they were top-notch, they weren’t getting out there. He wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

I asked if he minded if I went to his website to see what the problem was. He gave me the go-ahead and what I found shocked me.

No wonder this guy was ready to pull his hair out. His potential clients probably felt the same way when they tried to subscribe to his emails. This man was violating ‘subscription etiquette’ on every level. Yep. He had a problem.

The great thing is that it was a problem that was quick and easy to fix. With just a few small tweaks to his subscription process he had more people sign up than he dreamt he’d ever have. And, I’m proud to say that what little hair he has, remains safely on top of his head.

If you find that you have the same problem, here are five fast and simple ways to take your subscriber list from nominal to phenomenal:

1. Let the subscriber know you respect their privacy. We’ve all been there. You sign up for an email newsletter only to have your inbox flooded with emails from businesses you have no interest in about information you didn’t ask for. It’s enough to send anyone over the edge. If your subscriber knows that you aren’t going to pass their information on to someone else, they are more willing to give it to you.

2. Keep the form brief. Ask for only necessary information from your subscriber. If you want my name and email address, I will probably give it to you. Ask for my hobbies, interests, previous 2 years golf scores and the name of all my ancestors and I will click right out of your site. Sure, it’s nice to get an idea of who your consumers are, but you’ll never know if you can’t get them to complete the form.

3. Provide the subscriber information about how often you send newsletters. For instance, if you let the subscriber know that you send emails weekly then they know that you aren’t going to inundate their inbox. And they’ll know when to expect them and will look for them.

4. Give them a sample newsletter to preview. Let them have a taste of what you have to offer. Also, when something is tangible, it is easier to say yes to it. It’s like being able to try out a product before you buy it.

5. Allow them an out. I know this sounds contrary to what you want, but if your subscriber knows that you aren’t locking them in, they are more willing to sign up. Assure them that if they decide at any point in time to discontinue receiving the newsletter, they can simply unsubscribe. It shows your willingness to put your customers’ wants first.

If you have quality emails, it does you no good if they’re not being read. Want help increasing your client list? Give me a call. I still have a full head of hair and I’m not afraid to use it.

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