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Are You Okay With This Lie?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 17th, 2012

What’s the one thing that holds most small business owners back?

It’s something you’re doing and can easily fix.

Let me explain.

This week, at lunch, I stopped by my local optical shop here in Old Greenwich, CT. Small Business Marketing Lies that are Killing Your BusinessWhen I went in, I explained to the optician, that in getting into my kayak a few days ago, for some reason, I’d taken off my sunglasses, put them on the seat, and then gotten into my boat, sitting on them!

As you can imagine, my sunglasses suffered. I did manage to straighten them out somewhat but I needed the optician to do the final bending to get them right.

When I described to the optician what had happened, he laughed and mentioned that it happens all the time, but most people when they come in to his shop deny ever sitting on their glasses. They just say they noticed their glasses were bent when they opened their case.


What do you think, are they kidding themselves or what?

It seems pretty harmless, but it points out a big difference between the people who succeed in business and those that don’t.

Most people refuse to admit they could have made a mistake and tell themselves one lie after another. And while I’m not going to make a stink and say that’s a big crime, when you can’t admit a mistake, you can’t find the solution and you end up living with a lie.

I bet that’s not what you want, to lie to yourself about your business.

The simple solution is to be honest with yourself, and your staff, to admit when things are working and when they aren’t. Then just take action, to find a solution and fix whatever it is that’s broken, and grow your business.

It’s no big deal.

We all make mistakes, lots of them. The losers are people who deny them, and keep making the same ones over and over. The winners are the people who admit them, laugh at it, change what they are doing and move on.

That’s what one of my clients did. His business was growing but not as fast as he wanted. When I took a look at his sales, I noticed he was rewarding his sales staff for selling the least profitable of his services.

I pointed it out to him, and he admitted it was wrong right away – and we changed it, increasing his business profits within days.

Want to be winner too?

Be honest with yourself when you ask yourself:
– Are you happy with the growth of your business?
– Is your marketing working?
– Do you need help?

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To your success,


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