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Which Words Sell In This Economy

Author: Charlie Cook   |   May 7th, 2009

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how to be more successful, to make your ads, your sales letters and your website marketing make more money, this is your chance.

Save the date! Thursday 4pm EDT, May 14th.

On Thursday May 14th I’ll be joined by Dan Lok, the master of money-making copywriting, for a one-time only FREE copywriting TeleSeminar to answer your questions about how to consistently convert more prospects into buyers and put more money in the bank.

And I’m giving away my latest 50 page ebook, ‘The 22 Hot Buttons That Get People to Buy’ – FREE – to anyone who registers for the copywriting call.

You should know that it’s filling up fast and if you haven’t done so already and want to get in… you need to sign up in the next few minutes.

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On the call Dan will reveal:

*How to grab the interest of prospects who are on-guard against advertising – making skepticism work for you,

*The simple trick to keeping your prospects enthralled and engaged right up to the point that they eagerly pull out their credit card or checkbook,

*A ‘system’ for writing copy that is so powerfully persuasive that no reader could possibly resist – they’ll LOOK for the call to action,

*The most powerful human desire that makes people stop procrastinating and buy – and exactly how to trigger it,

*A surefire way to multiple sales without spending more money,

* How to reposition the product you are selling so that it will trigger one, if not two, of the major hot buttons of recession-stricken prospects,

* … and much more!

Sign-up today to receive my 50 page ebook, the ‘22 Hot Buttons That Get People To Buy’ just for registering!

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No – you won’t hear Dan promising lazy people instant riches or some such nonsense. He’ll give smart people like you honest and accurate information on ideas you can actually put to use.

This is a unique chance for you to get the truth about how to skyrocket your sales and what to do so you can get all the clients and business you can handle.

Don’t miss this one. Register for one of the remaining places for the copywriting TeleSeminar I’m hosting on Thursday May 14th at 4pm EDT with this link >>

– Charlie

P.S. If you absolutely can’t make the call due to a scheduling conflict, you can still register to be eligible to receive the free 50 page ebook, ‘The Hot Buttons That Get People To Buy.’

Just register and it’s yours >>

P.P.S. My free TeleSeminars sell out in a matter of days… To ensure your spot, reserve in the next few minutes.

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