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How to Keep Viewers From Skipping Your Ad

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 10th, 2011

Ever notice it just takes less than a nano second for most people to change the channel when they see a video commercial hit the screen?

In fact, you may even be one of those people that keeps their hand on the remote during the whole program, just so you’re ready to hit mute or change the channel when an ad shows up. Am I right?

But if it’s your ad, you don’t want that do you? So how can you keep people from ignoring you – well or at least from ignoring your video ads?

The secret mind bending tactic is to simply distract them. When people see an ad they’re expecting to be sold. Instead surprise them by getting their attention with a funny or odd situation. Then 50 seconds into the add you’ll have their attention and you can – sell them.

And – no you won’t get in trouble with the mind police for using this tactic with your video commercial.

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