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It Pays To Do What Most People Don’t

Author: Amanda DiSilvestro   |   March 16th, 2012

When I was a kid, and I went away to camp, my parents sent me postcards.

Now, I hardly ever get one but when I do, I read it.

Everyone’s gaga about the Internet, texting, their smart phone, and the result is… that most people have stopped sending postcards, which is a big mistake.

Think about it. Which is more likely to get your attention: yet one more email (I get hundreds a day) or one postcard (I get less than one a month)?

When people think of traditional marketing they typically think TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, and radio ads, but there is one that has oddly never discussed—the postcard. My theory is that no one feels there is any need to discuss a postcard because it is a boring and obvious way to market. Yet, because the excitement of Internet marketing has overshadowed the postcard for so long, people are forgetting how to use it and why it matters. Suddenly, its function isn’t so obvious.

The truth is, the lowly postcard has many marketing benefits that are ready to be brought back to the forefront of your marketing campaigns. Below lists a few of these forgotten benefits:

Top 5 Reasons Why Postcards are for more than Just Travel
1. Quick Read – Most people will throw a big catalog into the “junk mail” pile, but postcards are different. They are very light and very to the point, so it’s easy for people to get a good look without having to flip through a bunch of pages. Postcards also don’t come in envelopes, so there is nothing to open.

2. Inexpensive – It is extremely inexpensive to mail out postcards. A typical size postcard can run for as low as $.25, and you often get a deal when you mail things in bulk. In fact, I would say this is one of the most cost effective ways to market your product or service.

3. Easy – Creating content for a postcard is very simple. You don’t need to write a catchy article or come up with a detailed explanation of your product or service. All you need to do is come up with something to catch a reader’s attention. Your postcard could be entirely covered with pictures or be nothing more than a coupon, and you’ll still get better results than had you mailed out a booklet with all of your information.

4. Consistent – Everything that surrounds the mailing system is known to be consistent. This goes for both online mail as well as traditional mail. However, the different between the two is that one is easier to throw away than the other. People constantly scan their emails and delete messages that do not interest them simply based on the title. However, when people scan through their mail you have the opportunity to consistently catch their eye with flashy content. After all, everyone goes through his or her mail.

5. Stay In Touch – Postcards are simply another way to stay in touch with customers and clients. You never want someone to forget your company, so postcards are a quick and inexpensive way to make this happen. This is also a great way to connect with your customers who aren’t so Internet savvy and prefer traditional mail.

If you think about businesses you know that have sent out postcards, you know that these are never a burden. You look at them very quick, turn them over, and then decide whether it goes in the “keep” pile or the “throw away” pile. As a company, this is all you can ask for. As long as people look at your marketing efforts, you are halfway there.

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from social media to medical billing software. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including GPS fleet tracking software to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the top lead generation company, Resource Nation.

2 Responses to “It Pays To Do What Most People Don’t”

  1. Leonardo Salvador Says:

    Great post Amanda, that still exists today but only few company uses it especially small businesses, the advantage is great and you are right about it when it comes to its costs. Just like business cards nowadays, they become more and more creative to get the attention of the receiver and I think that also applies with your suggestion.

  2. Direct Mail Marketing Services Says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Postcards have been around from a long time. Some people think that it is only traditional marketing method, but it’s not true. It can be a great way to target your market if you do it in a right way. This is inexpensive, fast, highly informative and easy to track marketing method.

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